Virgo has the worst PR in the Zodiac.

Because Virgo is The Goddess, and misogyny is far from extinct, Virgo has been labelled with a cess-pool of anti-feminine, aiming-to-disempower negatives. That’s why, in our lifetime, any prominent Astrological placement including Virgo, or the 6th house, has an extra aspect: Redemption of Virgo.

Part of the bad rap of Virgo is being an over-critical, shrewish, nit-picking harpy. This is not Virgo. This is the misguided ancient patriarchy in action.

Virgo is about discernment and attention to detail. Exquisite, essential abilities.

Women, for centuries, who might have an ability to discern where improvement could be made to any system, structure, or power-base in society, have not generally been encouraged to make this contribution.

Indeed, knowledgeable women with highly detailed knowledge of how to use sharp-eyed discernment in matters of health – a Virgo focus – by using natural remedies such as those from another Virgo concern, the Earth – herbs, for example – experienced that non-encouragement of burning at the stake. Along with their knowledge. And their small animals, cats in particular, another area of Virgo care.

Virgo, at her essence, is not cruel. She is just the opposite. She is here to serve. She loves Earth. She loves its animals especially. She celebrates health, healing and working hard.

She loves the 3-D. And she is ruled by Mercury who wants us all to communicate.

Notice Virgo’s dominion covers a whole lotta things that get beat-up by the misguided patriarchy: Earth, health, animals.

“Virgin” in its original meaning wasn’t about never having sex. It means “woman unto herself”. A person that discerns and supports her own health so clearly, she needs no help from others, in fact, can give from the bounty of herself to help those things she values.

If your South Node is in Virgo, or the sixth house, especially if you are female, and you have been over-critical to others, and most especially to yourself, search out why. Search out what circumstances, events, or frustrations changed you from discerning to curmudgeon. And make amends with others and your own sweet clear-eyed, Earth-loving child self. And then reach for the lessons of Pisces, the open, merging North Node you are here to learn.

If your North Node is in Virgo, or the sixth house, you can take your Piscean mystical insights into the hippiest trip of all: Redeeming Virgo. By learning to pinpoint the exact ways each of us, the Earth, and the four-leggeds upon Her, may both join together, yet also stand fully ourselves, within our selves. Which will be serving yourself, and the whole planet.

Learn about your South and North Nodes of the Moon here.


As any human mother can tell you, the human fetal head could not be one centimeter bigger. Those little beanies are barely getting out now.

Thus, Nature has set a cranial/pelvic limit on just how big a brain humans can have in their starter set.

Other mammal babies do not have the same restrictions. And can arrive with four legs and all kinds of helpful neural hard-wiring that lets them know instinctively how to stand up, nurse, and run away from predators.

They can also can be pre-wired for function in specific habitat, looking for specific food intake, interacting in specific kinds of territories in specific ways. Humans have to function all over the planet in limitless kinds of environments. Pre-wiring not possible.

Human brains – as long as they emerge through human birth canals – don’t have room for this pre-wired luxury. Humans have to learn everything.

Stairway to the Stars

Before we get to Astro Chiron, we need to visit some of the Science and Sociology of human brain growing. Chiron is a planetoid only recently discovered – 1977 – and like all symbols it is imbued with its surroundings. It’s a modern addition to the Astro Wheel, and modern knowledge can help interpret its psychological riches.

So let’s start with a little Brain Science.

Nature’s Choice: Grow ‘em on location.

From ages birth to three, the human brain doubles in size. And all that time it is laying down hardwiring appropriate to its experiences. The brain maps out connections as it decides what is most useful behavior for surviving and thriving in whatever life surrounds the child.

Thus humans, unlike many mammals, can live any where on the globe. The human brain gets wired on location to fit the situation.

Babies are born knowing how to do a few things. Sucking is almost instinctive, though some infants suck at it. But highly pre-wired is the amygdala, the brain’s fight or flight center. Which is why infants are very good at feeling and crying.

Imagine feeling lost, scared, hungry, hot, cold, terrorized but not knowing where it came from or how to stop it or actually being able to control any aspect of your body much less move? And what is moving, anyway? That’s a baby.

Imagine feeling a wonderful feeling yet not understanding why it happened. Welcome to infanthood.

Emotional responses are pre-wired. Everything else – including what to do with these feelings – has to be taught. And the only teachers are the ones on site: the people taking care of the babies. Frequently, these are parents.

If It Feels Good, Do It

The way we learn is through our feelings. If it feels good, we do it. And try to figure out both what we did and how to do it again. If it feels bad, we try to avoid it. A logical and elegant system. Certainly, the opposite wouldn’t really work.

The human brain is associative. Each new skill is built on the foundation of things learned before. Which is a clever short cut for using what is known to quickly guess at how to perform something new. “Oh, this is like that”.

Every new pathway is connected in some fashion to an old one. No new neural territory is opened out unattached in some remote location. The brain builds on the reliable information it has.

Learning happens through repetition. Doing things over and over. And each time a particular hook-up of neural pathways is used to perform a certain action or reaction a substance called myelin is laid down. Myelin creates faster and smoother connections. Thus, the most used pathways become the easiest. And get used even more.

Evenutally, the myelinated pathways become “second nature”. Just like happens when we learn to type, play the piano, or throw a fastball.

Do It, Baby, One More Time

As the growing brain recognizes certain behaviors create happy results – food, hugs, change of diaper, smiles, fun – the child tries to do that again, perfecting the action. Unhappy results produce avoidance. If it feels bad, the growing brain warns: Danger, danger, don’t do that. Ever.

Really bad, physically and emotionally devastating experiences produce iron-clad avoidance that is so ingrained on memory that even the merest half-trip of associative outskirts of the possibility of a repetition of that trauma causes the brain to Red Alert, react now! And all kinds of fight or flight physical sensations kick in to high gear.

Even if nothing bad is happening at that moment. Because the signals are from the time when something really bad absolutely did.

Infantile Editing

Around age three, the first pathway prune happens. Hormones spring into pre-wired action and neural pathways that aren’t hooked up to anything else, and ain’t got no favorited myelin coating, are simply dumped. Not useful, so not needed. On to learning more stuff to hook up and go with the good stuff already learned.

Now this learning and creating new brain cells happens all life long. The brain is plastic and never stops making new cells. (Very modern knowledge. Proven by a woman at Princeton. Who was scoffed at by, surprise, established authorities of the male persuasion. Not to be sexist, just accurate. Cause goodness knows, we all love men. And have the vids to prove it.)

But the process of creating new brain is much slower, the older we get.

Children’s brains are hard-wired to learn hard-wiring

Learning is easy during the pre-planned growing time. That’s why languages are a snap for kids.

Current research indicates there there is another big prune at puberty. And a final trim right before we launch into so-called adulthood.

The hard-wiring takes a long time because it’s supposed to. It’s supposed to be valuable information that will help us forever. It’s supposed to last a lifetime.

And it does. Absolutely does.

Forever & Ever

The primary hard-wiring you learned as a child is NEVER going to leave you. You will always be able to feel it and access it.

Because it was supposed to serve you, to help you thrive.

But here’s the wrinkle: Babies feel good if their caretakers feel good.

Habits – self-nurturing and self-sabotaging – get hard-wired for the same reason: To create that good feeling. Even if “good” means making pain stop. That “less pain” equals good. Actual good may never even be experienced in some environments.

Babies growing up in impaired environments are not taught the truth about what feels good. They are taught what makes the adults feel good.

Babies that are used as a vehicle for their caretakers own emotional satisfaction do not learn how to prosper their own best selves. In some cases they may not even know they have a best self. Or a Self at all.

They learn how to make pain stop. Or may daddy smile. Or mommy stop crying. Or hitting them. Or since that isn’t actually something they can control, they weave fantasies that seem to produce some kind of order in the chaos. They learn how to pretend and disassociate and weave stories that seem their only hope for continuing another day without breaking.

They can, literally, stay energetically outside their bodies. They can, literally, refuse to consciously remember anything bad at all happening, even while it’s occurring.

When survival is on the line, learning who you truly are is way too risky. Stick to hiding.

Degrees of Difficulty

While all too many children grow-up in dreadful – even horror-inducing – environments, not everyone does, of course.

Some of us, miraculously, have wonderful parents who understand their job is to love their kids and help the children learn who they are and fully express that.

But even well-meaning parents, because 1) they’re human and 2) they were taught to listen to the opinions of society more than their own inner truth, can think they are doing the best for their kids to by defining “bad” behavior as not “fitting in.”

So a child is taught a certain set of emotional states as “being good”. The narrower this range, the harder it will be for the child to hardwire emotional tools that will serve a happy, fulfilling adulthood.

This “be good” instructing may be about useful things. Or it may be about the things you would actually like to feel the most, but your parents liked the least.

It may have been just a frown, or non loving response when you didn’t perform as expected. Or it may have been constant beratement that you were a disappointing pile of shit. To lesser or greater degrees, we may have been denied access to the innate “I gotta be Me-eee-eee!” song of Aries. So we never got to try stuff, experiment, learn, grow, when the growing time was good.

Because parents are human, we all get a little something. And some of get crippling levels of horror.

Plus everyone has different levels of resiliency. Some kids who get just the most-well-intentioned “guidance” feel destroyed. And some wretchedly abused children bounce forward into adulthood.

Parents want their kids to succeed. But they can also create a definition of “success” that has everything to do with the parents’ emotional desires, and nothing to do with the child’s individual personality or abilities.

We’ve All Got Our Own Pollution

Chiron is the planet of primal wounding. The early wiring gone not to authenticity but survival. For some of us, a little thing. For others, deep and hard.

But fascinatingly, Chiron is also an indicator of your “personal solution”.

Chiron represents both your greatest potential wounding and your greatest potential strengths. Clueless and Talented at the Same Time.

How can your wounds be your strengths? Survival instincts.

As a baby, when emotionally fraught situations occur, you’re going to respond with your best stuff. Things that might be near innate for you. You can’t use weak response to dire circumstances. You’ll die.

Thus, great abilities and skills get associatively wired to dreadful emotions. The more dire the environment, the fuzzier reality gets. It becomes difficult to know what is reality. In constant emotional chaos, the more entwined and inaccessible become strengths that you should have been allowed to develop for your own support.

The house and sign where your natal Chiron appears can tell you a lot about what you got. Both wounds and strength.

For some of us, the wounds will be crippling. For other of us, just a little thing. And everyone’s chart has other placements that can assist, augment, and challenge our accessing our assets.

Modern Knowledge

The knowledge of how the human brain works only came to be common in the so-called “Decade of the Brain”, the last one of the 20th Century. Not everyone connects the science to Chiron. But your humble faculty thinks it explains the planet’s impact well.

Some say Chiron is the wound that never heals. The official policy of Creative Astro School is that this is crap. Because through dedicated effort and practice, we can heal and change anything. It may take decades. But you can do it.

But if you think of Chiron’s “forever there” reputation as indication of primal wiring of the lies you should never have been told, then the implications make more sense. Because the primal pathways never cease to exist. They just don’t have to be our default response anymore.

Even if these pathways were burned way down inside in dreadful, repeated experiences. Like trauma.

Trauma Hides & Overrides

Soldiers and abuse victims have PTSD because they are reliving unbearable experiences. Seared neural pathways are mistaking current situations for past devastating ones. Triggers fire and the associatively wired brain screams down the entire pathway instantly, overriding all focus except: Not again! Red Alert is on and it’s not turning off, ever. Way too risky.

Some traumas are so early in life and/or so deep, details of their actual occurrence cannot be clearly recalled. But the body and psyche never forget. So seemingly irrational and destructive behavior occurs.

Frequently in our society these emotions are self-medicated by drugs of choice including – but not limited to – food, alcohol, ambition, sugar, sex, over-work, and repetitive involvement in feels-like-home-and-maybe-I’ll-win-this-time familar abusive relationships.

Repetitive, early traumatic experiences can especially blur together into one generalized blur. There isn’t one experience to pinpoint, there was a constant atmosphere. And all of the not wanted to be remembered hell is covered by one lie: Something’s wrong with me. I’m bad. The perpetrating caretaker, relative, or authority figure is often not recognized as the source of evil, because a child cannot do that. A child needs its caretaker. So the child – whose brain is doing its prewired job of trying to figure out how its behavior creates emotional states – internalize they’re at fault and flawed.

Amygdala’s Never Quit

Growing brains that experience terrors and traumas – emotional or physical/emotional – hard wire these signals of bad things to Be Absolutely True. Their terror experience gets wired as a the Fabric of Reality.

Because, again, that’s the point of brain grow: To determine the nature of reality in the surrounding environment. All reality is perceptual. Twenty people can interpret one moment twenty ways. A child’s brain is making those “What’s going on” decisions all the time. So, like they’re supposed to, every child engraves the pathways of “How the World Really Is”. Even if that’s not actually true beyond the limited overtly traumatic insanity of home. “How the World Was” for baby brain gets wired to “How the World is Always”.

And there are no perceptual tools to see things differently. Except one: pain.

The body never forgets. And the triggers always fire, to the point that many adults simply stay on round the clock Emergency Threat Security Alert. Intensely hyper-vigilant. Not actually understanding why.

Some Pathways Aren’t Pruned

There is some evidence – not currently substantiated either way – that children who were severely abused are on such red alert, and had such constant need to be aware of everything, while at the same time needing to stay out of their bodies and pretend this horror wasn’t happening, have such screwed-up hormones that their little brain myelinated as much as possible and didn’t prune at the usual times. And help onto every possible pathway. And sometimes “Disassociative Disorder” develops. What used to be known as Multiple Personalities.

Now we all have multiple personalities in a way – different, sometimes diametrically opposed – aspects of our inner make-up. And Astrology shows how we can be oh, so, many varied things at once.

But some adults with histories of almost-impossible-to-believe-they-survived abuse also report being able to physically heal conditions in their own body. They may not be able to change the first shattering of their tiny personalities, but they can create a peace within their inner factions. And, for unknown – and not necessarily validated by classical Western Medicine – reasons, their brains can actually feel the pathways of communication with cellular processes in their body. They can find physical problems and heal them.

This, too suggests, IMHO, how Chiron is the planet of primal wounding.

Chiron the Shaman.

In mysterious ways, people with psychological wounds in certain areas can actually help others heal from the same situations. Yet, not always be able to give this gift to themselves. That “I’m good with other people’s problems” situation.

That’s because the individual’s knowledge in this problematic area is thorough and can thus be passed along completely. They’ve kind of “seen it all”. But the knowledge wiring didn’t get connected to the take action wiring in any kind of straight forward way. Wonky emotional by-passes were established.

The deeper the wound, the more people learn about the complete range of human experience. Which means road kill childhoods can bring more knowledge of how the world works than is acquired by the much narrower experience of lovely, happy homes.

So this knowledge can help others. But you were never taught how to use it for yourself. There is simply no wiring inside to tell you what to do next.

Except hurt.

Pain is a Signal.

Pain and despair, just like fear, spacing out, wanting to run, or more ordinary continuing to shoot yourself in the foot or having a bit of a blind spot are sometimes the only mechanisms one’s wonky wiring have to get your attention.

These things are saying: Something’s wrong. Don’t know what to do. Want it different. Don’t know how.

And you have no clue. You don’t know what to do. The behavior pathways simply weren’t wired. So you gotta learn now.

Good body-oriented psychotherapy can help people start the practice of re-wiring and re-claiming one’s great strengths. But all change is a practice.

Just like the repetition that myelinated the original foundation, you have to keep doing healthy, nurturing things over and over until reality starts to be recognized.

You have to use your child-wired hyper-vigilance that was looking to survive an impending bad feeling to now be simply: Aware and paying attention. Not to the now no longer there “Bad things out there” but to your own sweet self. Those small, long-squashed stirrings of something unique and rare about you.

And just like a baby learns to handle its body and emotions, so do you. By practicing over and over and over and over until the new brain cells and new pathways are familiar and connected.

That’s how good therapy works. Not by talk, but by newness. New situations where good stuff happens this time. Where your “caretaker” doesn’t hurt you. Where you come first. Where your nurturing is experienced. For some people, good therapy is the first good parenting they’ve ever had.

Centaurs for Centaurs

In AstroLand, Chiron is much debated. Some believe Chiron is ruled by Sagittarius. A savvy choice as mythological Chiron is a Centuar and Sag’s symbol is also a Centaur. And both higher education and learning to integrate conflicting natures – in Sag’s case animal & intellectual – are Sagittarian/Ninth House realms. And myth Chiron was a great teacher.

Others prefer a Virgo rulership. As Virgo rules Health. Virgo and the Sixth House are concerned with the body, physical things, discernment of details, and healing. (And small animals.) All logical associations with inner healing.

Until we have, as a planet and society, renovated our basically sexist and outdated ideas about Virgo, it’s difficult to make a final call. But your Creative AstroSchool faculty leans to Team Sagittarius.

The Galactic Center is in Sagittarius. And the only perspective we humans currently have on the Galaxy is from Earth. Chironic situations are very Earthly. Humans affecting other humans cause both wounds and healing. And early wiring creates our “Center of the Universe” perspective.

And learning how to practice justice, balance human behavior, and see things from a broader, wider perspective are Sagittarian/Ninth House concerns. This is not to say that the tangible, personal, bodily healing processes of addressing Chironic issues do not require Virgo. Quite the opposite.

But while communication and expansion are both necessary for Chironic healing, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Healing cannot happen without reframing old ideas from a larger perspective. Without a commitment to Truth from a bigger, wider viewpoint, even the most eloquent messages from Mercury – Virgo’s ruler – will never be heard.

Only You Can Be You

Among the foundational realities of both Astrology and being human is that One Size Never Fits All.

Everyone is different.

And while “Everybody Hurts”, for some people this is just a little hang-up. For others it’s a howitzer perpetually aimed at both their feet and they’re constantly – even when they don’t want to- firing away.

But for everyone this wound is an opening. Fertile ground for new growth. Growth you can choose as an adult, even if you have no idea how to do it yet. This opening allows access to newness.

Without a Door, There’s No Way In

Enter your own deepest wounds, bring love, find a “personal solution”, teach yourself Reality & Truth, and you’ll find your great strengths freed to help yourself and the world.

It takes time. But believe it can be done. And know that it’s your job to do it. For all of our benefits.

To learn more about your own Chiron, click here, to go the Chiron Interpretation page.

If you need a Natal Chart of you own, info on getting a free one is here.

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“I was on my best behavior, but it wasn’t fake.
That really was my best self.”
– Adam Lambert, about himself on Idol


If given several hours alone with Adam Lambert in a locked hotel room – with good room service and better-er cocktails – I would actually want to spend the first twenty minutes discussing his natal Astrology Chart.

(The second twenty on Business Strategy, link below.)

For a self-professed “AstroGeek”, Adam Lambert is coy about AstroDetails.

When asked, he’s hedged about his birth time. He discusses Astrology with an odd Sun Sign bias, which keeps it superficial and vague.

Since he has to know only a full chart matters and that he’s given enough clues for other AstroGeeks to guess much of his, we must assume he wants privacy. And honor that. We’ll only discuss Adam’s personal chart to the extent he’s done so publicly.

That includes Moon in Aries and Libra Rising.

Placements – as we shall see – that have been important to his success. (And interestingly, in other forms and ways, show up often in charts of his fanbase.)

So, ignoring the crucial nuances, challenges, and realities a full chart brings, and taking a whole lotta liberties, we’re gonna break some rules, trash it up, and explore the delicious lessons of these placements. Because there is something in it for us all.

Feelings First

Astrologically, the Moon represents our feelings. Our deepest emotional pathways. How we innately react inside.

The Moon, symbolized by the Great Mother’s own crescent crown, also shows how we can “mother” and nurture ourselves.

Our Astro Moon reveals ways, things, moments, actions and situations that would make us feel good at a core level. Adam tells us he has Moon in Aries.

Aries is the sign of Self. The first sign of the Zodiac, fiery Aries shouts “I am here, I am Me, and this is good!”.

Aries is ruled by Mars. You wanna see Aries sing? Watch Sure Fire Winners. Especially the moves, the way he rides the energy.

Warrior Aries starts new things, stands up for Self – blissfully unaware that follow-up or others are necessary – and is keenly aware of one’s Real Identity. Moon in Aries emotionally equips one to go forth, initiate, be real, and unhesitatingly slice away anything stopping that primal drive.

Thus, innately, for Adam, it feels good to be his True Self. Authenticity nurtures. Newness is home base.

Sweet & Pretty

Libra Rising, on the other hand, means Adam is on a lifetime journey exploring Relationship with Others.

And his interactions with outside life will often be led by Venutian ways – valuing harmony, beauty, kindness, and relationships. And avoiding conflict.

Plus, Venus being on the Ascendant means she also rules his First House. Which is Aries own house, Mars’s natural home.

When Libra rules the First House, plain ole mathematics make Aries automatically rule the 7th House. Which just happens to be Libra’s own house. So in Adam’s chart, Mars is in charge of Venus’s natural home, and Venus is in charge of Mars’s.

All of which means exactly what you think it does: Adam Lambert celebrates Mars and Venus at the same time. Baby clothes of leather and lace, he was born valuing the full range of that energetic diversity.

Because Aries – ruled by Mars – and Libra – ruled by Venus – are polar opposites. Together they form a complete energetic spectrum. To understand Astrology – and Adam, and one’s own chart – one must first understand spectrums.

Opposites Are Not Unattached

The Zodiac Wheel is composed of 12 arenas of energy called Houses. Connect each house to its seeming polar opposite on the other side of the circle – and you have a bigger reality, two divergent energies making a whole.

Thus, the 12 houses of the Wheel can also be viewed as 6 energetic spectrums.

The Aries-Libra spectrum represents the most basic aspect of incarnation: Self and Others. Aries is all about Self. Libra is all about Others.

Libra Rising helps give Adam his innate desire to help others. Give people tips. Put others first.

You see Libra Rising in how he leads public interactions with respect and kindness. As well as his diplomacy, openness to others’ ideas, and joy in collaboration. An Air Sign, it’s also part of his love of intellect, thinking, words, and ideas.

Moon in Aries keeps him from getting lost in AirHead OtherLand. He can listen, learn, experience, and then – instinctively – know what’s right for him, and take action.

Prominent Libra placements without the balancing gift of prominent Aries placements mean actions may never happen. And a lifetime of Self asking Self “Whataya Want From Me?” is continually answered with some version of “Who Are You?” and/or “Whatever They Want From Me”.

Aries may go it alone, but not get lonely. Aries has to be true and start new things. The opinion of others is simply not of concern to Aries.

While Libra values balance, it can in fact, be so hungry for the company of others, and so eager to prevent discord, it remains perpetually lonely because it never establishes the essential foundation of relationship: Authentic Self.

Without a True Self, no intimacy can occur. There is nothing with which the other person can relate. There is just air, a smiling service, a pretty vessel hoping to be filled.

But Moon in Aries means it will never feel genuine to be completely subsumed into others ideas and existence. Without there being some Me in the collaboration it just won’t feel good.

Watch Adam be interviewed to see the spectrum in action. He rarely treats even the most absurd or limp question with anything other than respect: Libra Rising. He uplifts triteness, often, by repeating the inane inquiry respectfully, like he’s actually considering the answer. He also doesn’t lie. (Moon in Aries).

And if it ever becomes too much, too inauthentic, Aries cries: Stop! Adam takes action. Like Tweeting interviewers: Enough! Do your homework! (And Libra continued to tolerate the resulting non-compliance)

Theatre training would have taught Adam that the entire point of live performance is doing everything for the audience. That it’s a dialogue, a two-way exchange. An entertainer’s job is to create an experience with the audience. Different every night – not just because Aries Moon likes it constantly new, but because the audience is different.

“I know they’re gonna be having a good time,
so that’s all that matters.”

That was just a small aside about the GNT audience from Adam in a recent radio interview. Libra Rising would understand all this “Others First” and “It’s an audience collaboration” stuff instinctively.

At the same time, if there ain’t nothing unique, new, real and exciting happening in the performance, the audience – rightly so – is going to be short-changed.

Burn bright Aries. Show us what you, and you alone, are working with.

Moon in Aries means the more authentically present he is in each song energetically, the better it feels for Adam. I am here! This is Good!”

Every minute he’s on stage, Adam is actively reaching out and through the audience on a molecular energy level. No passivity, no hanging back. Reading everyone out there, because Libra knows all that bright fire is for just one purpose: Giving happiness to others.

Being himself is Adam’s gift to his audience. Full spectrum.

(And, yes, amusingly, trashing rules galore, I am – just this once – ignoring the Sun’s own Leo, the actual sign of theatrics, performance, and ruler of the all-important home of Creativity: The Fifth House. Not to mention -as you other AstroGeeks probably have been yelling – Neptune. And everybody’s favorite Transformer: Scorpio. Another time.)

S9 – What Others? There’s an Audience?

Among the agonizing short-comings of the entire cast of AI Season 9 was their seeming to think performance is basically: “Watch Me”. Unaware of the essential collaborative aspects of inspired performance. Or how to read and dialogue energetically with an audience.

They just stand up there and do it.

Sometimes even the extremely gifted Allison and Orianthi suffer from this misunderstanding that their entire job is to be something to watch. They focus their energy on themselves, on performing musically, not on reading the audience. Which can give a remote, once-removed passivity to otherwise impressive abilities.

Orianthi especially just doesn’t seem to understand she is required to assume the primary, active responsibility for the necessary energetic collaboration with the audience. When the pair have their (we hope long-lasting) Nouveau Heart moment together, becoming more fully present for each other, both they and the room get to share in that exchange. And everything sparks more alive.

Maybe it’s the penalty of being surrounded by artificial, electro-enhanced performances and not enough good-old fashioned live theatre.

But these energetically removed performers don’t seem to recognize, song after song, that their entire reason to step out on that stage is to step forward and create an experience for others. Fully, actively inhabit their entire body energetically. For the audience’s pleasure. That they’re not there only to “have fun” for themselves. Or just show off what they can do.

They are there to service others.

This is the opposite of film or television performance. There, with cameras so close, the job is to Be True Inside. Forget others. Live the character’s experience. Not project to the audience. Keep the emotions internally authentic and they will telegraph to the audience. The camera insures that.

Adam had to learn in the beginning of his Idol journey that serving others – and himself – when on TV required not projecting to the back row. That “Keeping it Real” was different in a different medium.

But Libra Rising means he never forgot his success depended on creating the best experience possible for those watching. He is always there to Serve Others Pleasure.

Once He’s In, He Owns Whatever He Wants From You

Even on AI, it was plain to see that Adam’s ability to read, penetrate and ignite his audience’s energy – including over the airwaves – was near shamanic. And that if there are other lifetimes, he must have done a few as kundalini master.

But, Astrologically, his understanding of how the audience of Others and the performing Self are a union would have been instinctive.

Adam loves connecting with others. Go Libra! But what he wouldn’t like as much – and he has often said – is experiencing that connection in live performance in a role as a character. He is excited by getting to be himself – Yay Aries – on stage. And has said so repeatedly.

“For me as a person, I really started honing in on what it was that makes me who I am, and I really wanted that to come out in my music”

Professionally, where the relationship is with his audience, and the most personal interaction is in performance, with his prominent Venus-Mars spectrum Adam can actually express both. Fully. Neither abridged. Switching as often as he chooses. Both sides completely spoken at their appropriate times.

All that beauty and rich wardrobe and soft, feminine, pretty beguilement is Venus in action. And all that chest-popping, hip-thrusting, hard, hot, deep, how can any one man be that masculine fire is just as real, thank you, Mars.

Fully Male. But this wild child is never, ever gonna hurt you.

Adam makes love to his audience. Literally. Every night. And as much as Aries is feeling the fire, Venus knows he not only will respect you in the morning, he’s respecting you way down inside all night long. He’s doing this all for you, darlin’.

For a large portion of the audience, this is the only time your chromosomes are gonna qualify you as Love Partner.

But for this hour, You’re the One. You’re the Goddess, he’s Warrior Rock God, and it’s gonna be good for you. Venus is here, just as large and in charge, she knows what you want, and it’s every inch of my love, isn’t it?

Those that want him are given satisfaction. Those that just want to be him are equally invited to union. Secure, rippling with Mars own adrenaline fuel, within the boundaries of performance, Adam opens himself while penetrating every energetic door the audience throws open for him.

Adam cannot help but read the energy of his audience. Both his training and his instincts know that’s his job. His honor and integrity as an Entertainer require him to be Fully Himself, but deliver that Fullness all for You. And his antennae are reading “You”, the audience, every note.

Man, Oh, Man, That’s Pretty

Watch vids and you can see how the macho parts of Glam Nation get more Alpha Male every night.

Moon in Aries nurtured by the fire from the audience, Adam thriving in being himself. His biceps are even buffer. This does not stop the eyeliner growing thicker, the jewels from glittering, the camp campier, the outrageous being more secure, and Venus from gaining allure.

On stage is Sacred Union time, the Conjunctio. Venus-Mars. Fully both. This is his responsibility: Serve You. Bring the Real Him, which, perfectly, is exactly What You Want.

Dress-up is a different thing.

Dress-up – and the art and creativity it entails – are authentic expressions for Adam. He wore a Halloween cape year-round as a child. His True Self likes to pretend. Creativity=Authenticity.

For Adam the fun of playing dress-up, of pretending, of creating illusion, especially in the conspiracy of others is [i]not [/i]the opposite of Real. The point of pretending is to be even More Real.

With Moon in Aries, Adam has an ability to use illusion that others may lack. Which is he can go down the dress-up rabbit hole without worrying he’ll never come back.

Neptune’s beguiling arms of union and illusion are very hard to resist. Addiction is easy. Without Moon in Aries, Adam might not have turned illusion into epiphany. Like all too many frustrated creative warriors, he might have preferred to just stay high.

“I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I
wanted to do, I had to make happen.

That was Adam’s illumination in the sands of Burning Man. And a quintessential Aries moment: It’s Me! I’m in Charge! What do I want from Me? How can I make it Be!

“I make it happen”. Aries insight. And after his Libran listening to others – the chorus boys backstage saying “You gotta do Idol” – he did.

And on AI, after Leo, Neptune, Pisces, Scorpio, Aries, Pluto and Mars finished blowing us away with blinding talent, it was that sweet Libra Rising smile that beguiled the nation. That polite, courtly, charming, kind, handsome gentleman who never hogged, assumed, or failed to thank the band.

Both ends and the middle of the Aries-Libra spectrum. Never just one. Never too much of one without the other. Dazzling mastery in action.

Mars & Venus Working For Us All

Life in Lambertaria lets us dress-up – sometimes just with anonymity – and perform for and with others.

And experiencing Adam’s excitement in expressing his unbridled True Self has helped many people realize they can no longer hold back rich, deep parts of their True Self (Aries) because of too much worry about the opinion of others (Libra).

Hearing people say “I am going to be Me” or “I’m gonna write poems/draw/dance/dress-up/run/design/play ukelele/whatever and I don’t care if anyone ever sees it, I’m doing this for me!!” is getting to experience Aries in action.

Every time someone leaps into Authenticity and says: “I’m doing it!” – like Q3’s gorgeous July 25th DP (at Planet Fierce) post about GNT inspired art and fervor for painting – we can applaud.

Adam’s own Aries insight launched him to audition for Idol. But we must always remember how much Libra helped him rise.

Online, a place where we can freely be ourselves, the spirit, liveliness, and directness of Aries posting are as appealing as those delights are in Adam. But those of us with an active penchant for “Not giving a shit” online might want to recognize that Adam never, ever, ever unleashes his power without charm.

And remember unchecked Aries is a thin-skinned 12-year-old playing video games. Alone.

Unbalanced Aries flames and fan wars. Can be cruel because it feels powerful. Barks “I’m right, you’re wrong” repeatedly. And slashes out orders for the one and only right way to be a Real Fan.

Unchecked Aries can get so intoxicated with the idea of being first and new no matter the consequences – it will copy, paste, and post/twit even the most baseless or incendiary rumor immediately. And hijack discussion for everyone.

So those of us feeling our online Aries, might consider taking a breath before hitting send and ask: “What would Libra Rising do? How will this prosper Community?”

It could open up whole new worlds of fun.

Be Kind To Yourself First

Conversely, if you know you’re entranced by Adam’s wild and out there nature, his love of exciting creative expression and know that it’s all there inside of you as well, alive, aching to get out, why not try a little “I gotta be me!”.

Start with five minutes a day of doing something you like/have always wanted to try/been meaning to get back to doing.

You do not have to be so-called “Good at it”. Though no doubt many of you are beyond good with the potential for amazing excellence.

There are dozens of ways to let Libra’s dislike of conflict, and putting other’s welfare first, smother Aries call to feel your fire. This can include getting trapped into turning your essence into saleable product to please others.

Listen to Aries: Your fire is first just for Yourself. You don’t have to sell it. You don’t have to do anything with it. You simply have to enjoy it.

Aries doesn’t care what others think. It simply has to Be. Aries does new things just to experience them. Starts new things because they need starting. Worry not about “Why” or where the action is going.


Just create. (Unless you want to start a business, different thing. Then start planning and go for it.)

And recognize Creativity is not just a tangible thing.

Like Authenticity, it’s a spirit.

And more than anything it’s a commitment.

Commitment to truth. Commitment to learning as much about yourself as you can. And not abridging your own power to the point that it harms you. Harming yourself is not being kind to others. It’s harming the world.

Aries can help you honor your own “I am here, this is good!” shout of Essential Wild Child Identity.

Try a little glitter. Smile wider. Spread the Free. Applaud uniqueness. Dance loud. Forget your mask. Change the world.

If everyone on Earth was enjoying their Authenticity – while being keenly aware of others – imagine what an excellent world this would be.

Pretty good advice for a happy life: Be You. Be Kind. Aries & Libra. Can’t have one without the other. And without them both, we wouldn’t have Adam. Or this fine Community of each other.

And if you haven’t seen Anthrogeek’s Aries-licious Sure Fire Winners vid from Tempe, it’ll take you to the top:

Start learning about your own Moon’s Nodes here.

If you know your Moon’s Nodes read more here.

Here’s where to start learning more about Chiron.

And Business Strategy discussion is here.

Words, like people – and other significant energetic situations – have range.

They can be many – sometimes completely opposite – things all at once.

“What you should be”, for example.

Should” is language’s loaded gun of outside opinion. And no one preaches more against the “should-ing” of existence than Adam Lambert.

But preface with “imperfectly – as happens in the Broken Open lyric “So imperfectly what you should be” – and “should” shifts from criticism to wise counsel. Reminding that you’re fully equipped with creativity’s all-important foundation: Imperfection.  And that’s why “imperfect” is exactly “what you should be”. 

Fortunately, imperfect is the only kind of human there is.

Forget battles with the shadows, “imperfect” is your creative birthright. There is no One Right Perfect Way you “should” be, except as the title suggests – when you’re ready – “Open”.

“Open” is the opposite of “should”.

Open can receive. In fact, if anything is “broken” about you at all it’s that you’re trying to hold onto the impossible “should”.

And the only way to fix that situation is to get broken. Drop your guard. Let go. Intwine in a new intimacy. Or as we like to say at Creative Astro School: Welcome to studying your Moon’s Nodes.

This First Classroom on the Moon’s Nodes launches a deliciously clarifying exploration of spectrum, duality, authenticity, and “What You Should Be”.

Where you will come to understand that there is no One Right Way to Be. Except open to the opportunities of openness. 

And you will discover a new intimacy.

A rich and powerful true heart connection. Right where it should be: With Yourself.

Live the World Inside You

Whataya Want From You

The Moon’s Nodes are the Zodiac’s heralds of energetic higher learning.

There are two of them: South Node and North Node.

They are precise mathematical points on the natal chart’s 360 wheel calculated with considerations of the Moon’s actual orbit around the Earth and your individual chart. (More on this later.)

They are polar opposites, always precisely 180 degrees across from each other in a Natal Chart. And like many seemingly opposite energies, they are actually connected. They form an energetic spectrum.

That is the most important thing to remember about the Moons Nodes. They are an energetic spectrum. You can’t have one without the other.

While there will be many times when you choose to focus on just one Node, the other will always be part of the picture.

Free Will: Possibly the Master Plan

Symbolically, the South Node reveals energies in your make-up that feel innate, easy, second nature, “effortless” (® Slash, about Adam’s vocal virtuosity).

The sign, house placement, and aspects of your South Node represent things you can do without thinking. Things no one had to teach you to do. Energies so easy, you might over use them, fall back on their sure fire winner results. Sometimes, to the point of joy-clipping rut.

The North Node is the polar opposite: Unknown energies.

The sign and house placement of your North Node represent things foreign – in some cases to the point of clueless.

Yet, these energies, as unknown as they may be, pull sharply, especially the older you get. They beckon.

They’re energies of longing, yearning, desire, and recognition of needing to know, must know, really, truly want to learn what they are. Sometimes, to the point of paralyzing, fear-steeped, run-the-other-direction, denial. Oh, no, that can’t be me. And if it is, won’t I lose all this works-every-time good stuff?

The karmically-inclined deem the South Node what you came into this lifetime already knowing.

And the North Node what you “need to learn” over the course of this lifetime.

The cosmically-inclined consider the Nodes a nice love letter from the Universe.

With the South Node being special presents that will help you build a foundation upon which, one day, you will stand and reach for the bigger blessings of the North Node.

Others think of the Nodes as a reminder of Purpose. An indication of that part of the Totality that each of us is here to personally transform.

Not just “Permission Granted” to be what you long to be, but “Duty Assigned”. Energies you can shift inside yourself and thus help lift us all higher.

The psychologically-oriented among us, with fervent belief in Free Will, consider the Moon’s Nodes a Path to Wholeness. Energies that we do not know, but if True Authentic Self is our goal, the energies we most truly need.

You Can Only Learn What You Don’t Know.

However you choose to consider the Moon’s Nodes symbolically, their energetic spectrum offers a rich, deep theme of lifelong learning.

The energies of the North Node are, for the most part, unknown to us early in life. In fact, sometimes earliest life situations seem almost set-up to make sure our only focus is our South Node. And that the polar opposite energies of our North Node an impossibility.

Thus, studying our North Node can reveal many birthrights that are ours to claim. When we have experienced enough to be open to more.

But these energies must be learned.

There is no easy acquisition of your North Node’s life-enhancing energies. But doing the work to discover them is worth the treasure.

And if you do consider life to be one long, creative learning opportunity, the North Node is not just your PhD, it’s post-doc, post-post doc, and then going on to become Chair of the Department of Doing It Perfectly Authenticity.

Because when you reach for, and not just integrate, but celebrate the energies of your North Node, you will – sometimes to your great surprise – find yourself living in the creative freedom of being truly, completely, gloriously – and most importantly imperfectly – what you should be.

Knowing Your Own Nodes

The South Node symbol looks like a curly U. The North Node like a upside-down opposite of that.

Some charts will only show the North Node. (And use calculations calling it either “Mean” or “True” Node. They’re slightly different. Right now, we’re going to use “True”, which is also the default at Where they put a “T” inside the “U” to indicate that.)

Doesn’t matter if your chart only shows North, because know one Node, you automatically know the other. Because they are always 180 degrees across from each other.

Thus, if your North Node is, for example, shown at 12 SAG 18, then your South Node is directly across the wheel from that, at 12 degree and 18 minutes of Gemini.

If you look on your Natural Zodiac download chart, you will see how Sagittarius, ruler of the 9th house, is directly opposite Gemini, ruler of the 3rd. And vice versa,

You can start learning about the energies of your own personal Nodes by clicking Moon’s Nodes in the menu bar or here

Learn more about Astro School here.

If you missed:

Pre-School Basics, in First Lessons in the Menu Bar, or here.

Report from Glam Nation Tour Launch that launched the School here.

Is there a way to harness the thrill and community of being a card-carrying Lambertarian and transform it into a wider kind of fun?

Something that doesn’t only pursue excitement through celebrating the talents of a gifted and compelling man, but equally celebrates our own.


And that’s why this Astro School was started.

To help interested members of our diverse and dynamic community discover how much great stuff they got to strut. Through the adventures of Psychological Astrology.

We’ll explore how the same go-for-it creative energies we admire in a certain talented, smart, and fascinating admitted Astro Geek play a vital role in our own lives.

This School intends to both break the glittery spell and help it pull deeper.

Understanding your chart can be like learning amazing, bedrock truths about yourself you never even recognized.

Your natal chart can be a road map, a guide, a documentary film starring you, that you just didn’t realize had been released. And that you are, in fact, the director.

Now, as Adam says about himself, this little experiment is “not for everyone”. And neither is Psychological Astrology.

But for those who enjoy adventure, connection, creativity, brain-engaging discussion, and freedom, welcome to a whole lotta fun.

We’re starting with some necessary basics. (Click on “First Lessons” in the menu bar or below)

Coming soon is a second batch of First Lessons. Covering the more philosophical aspects of studying here at Astro Creativity School

Then, after you’ve had a chance to explore all that, we’ll start learning about an actual Astro Placement in your chart.

Naturally, we will not start any place expected or usual. (This is a Lambertarian Learning Institute. Expected and usual are not among our core values.)

We’re going to start with your faculty’s favorite part of Astro Creativity: The Moons Nodes.

The what?

Moons Nodes?

What’s that?

Oh, just a little indication of your path to wholeness and learning in this lifetime.

Hey, in Lambertaria, nothing small. Even from the start.


First Lessons

Getting Your Own Chart

Mystery is essential.

It is also fun.

And the answer to the small mystery of why is this Wilkes-Barre Glam Nation review in this space will be revealed at the end.

But first – Tour 1, Show 1.


“Ohhhh!…Do you know what you got into it…”

Almost two thousand people – me giddy-grinning among them – are on their feet, singing double entendres in perfect show choir unison.

Remixed FYE is clarion-calling the faithful and we are beyond ready. Lights are down, our momma’s not home, and this is a cauldron long past bubbling.

First show, first tour. It’s really happening.

We have endured weekly “I can’t believe I just saw that amazingness” cheering alone from our living rooms. Stumbled our way – not believing we were actually doing something so sanity questioning – to finding each other around the campfires of the internet. Worn out our mouse fingers power-trending polls and tracking down every possible pixel of decent audio. And breathed every breath of the OMG trail from first mic stand grab in 2009 Portland to the seven-minute transubstantiation of Fantasy Springs WLL.

And this is it. First show, first tour. No one to answer to but himself. And us. And we want it.


I am completely aware of being there. And how all across the internet fingers are clicking keys as anxiously as we, awaiting the start gun, are already holding on to the seat backs in front of us.

And then, it’s time.

Band swoops on stage, the roar begins. First chords of Voodoo. And the screams become like airplane engines if what they blasted were high-pitched torrents of “Yes!!!!!!!”

And he’s there.

High on his chosen platform. Back lit so the outlines are like some kind of Mad Hatter against the moon. He’s singing, though the screams are now a steady wall of sound with no spaces – a phenomenon full of heady joy that will tremble the walls of this Art Deco palace after every number tonight.

He slowly, carefully, prowls towards us down the memories of his own portable Feeling Good Memorial Stairs.

And rummaged out of ten thousand clicks of interview watching, as the crowd is following Paula’s excellent advice to “take it all in” and examining every inch of the intricate costume, make-up, and magician’s movements, while bouncing to VooDoo’s not overly familiar spell, one all-important quote from Adam Lambert to Simon and the world is planting inside my mind : “Theatrical is good”.

Oh, my, indeed, it is.

This show is very theatrical.

Not overly so, at all. It’s got kick-ass Rock Star through and through.

But there are full-fire theatrical moments that are as close to scripted play or musical production numbers as a traveling rock concert can get.

They’re like magic nuggets of condensed power interlaced through the world-class Rock ‘n Roll. Characters he can embody and expand. Interactions with the dancers that will do exactly what dancing always does over time – after the body has memorized every synchronized move giving emotions the solid foundation on which to express with just a flicker – and that is to delight.

He may sing the same songs 70 times. Or change up a few here and there, most especially the encore. But even if it’s the same set, every night, it will never be the same show twice.

Because packed inside this traveling jamboree of legend-in-the-making rock show are change-up opportunities that are 100% theatrical.

And if you are lucky enough to have spent time participating in that transforming communal rhapsody known as live theatre you will recognize them as you cheer.

This is what Rock Star looks like now, Earthlings.

No limits, no categories, no snarling poseurs, no fake electro augmentation pretending “catchy” is the new synonym for talent.

This is a show that can grow each time it’s performed.

First show, first tour. No one to answer to but himself. And he’s built an expandable potion that he can brew and flavor whatever way he pleases. That can deliver exactly what he’s always promised: Entertainment.

While still slamming down Pure Rock Star better than any hot rocket frontman who’s ever stalked the stage.

The astoundingly mature restraint of this nuanced accomplishment could floor you if you weren’t so busy trying to not float away in the fun.

He didn’t try to accomplish too much in the short rehearsal time and, let’s face it, not-yet-unlimited budget of a first-time headliner who skipped the opening act transitory step.

But he’s structured a flexible, portable, sizzling, magical container that can go as far as he likes.

By using, among other powers, theatrics.

There is room for nightly decisions to give that night’s exact crowd exactly what it needs, one of his most remarkable skills.

There is flexibility to add storyline, or subtract it. The lasers can adapt to location. They’re atmospheric, not bombarding. There are pencil beams and curly cues. Swirls and long trails.

The pictures that project behind him could change every night, and he probably carefully selected each one. Though, like Paula said, when he’s on stage, all you see is him.

For example, there are apparently moments in the show where he’s wailing in front of a giant neon sign that reads “Hot Sex”. I did not see this sign. I did have some momentary experiences of its message during the 60 some minutes. And it’s hard to miss the opening dancing of Fever is Adam and just the male dancers.

Adam introduces the band by their full names now. Monte is officially music director. Brooke is his choreographer. There are legions of roadies, four buses, two equipment trucks (my hotel room, serendipitously, overlooked them all).

This is grown-up stuff.

This is how pioneering creativity is prospered. Choose what you want to make most powerful and express it fully. He seems to have recognized that trying to make everything happen leads to watery nothing at all.

He no longer needs to set his hair on fire.

He has chosen to ignite his audience’s lives. It’s a much deeper, more satisfying, bolder, bigger fire to start. And it never has to stop glowing its warmth.

The unstoppable, game-changing impact of expert theatricality will unfold over the 70 performances.

But first show, first tour, I was surprised, intrigued and amused to recognize the energetic archetypes that a man known for his blindingly sexy charisma chose to present.

The first image he gives us is not Mr. Hot Rock God. It’s Mad Hatter, New Orleans meets Wild West Magician Medicine Crow.

This really is New Orleans homage. Inspired by Dr. John. The original. (An African American healer, here’s a picture on Dr. John, the singer’s web site, www.

Adam is all bent elbows and spell twining three-foot fringe dangling from his long arms. Jutting emphasis on angles in the cross steps of his careful footwork and fancy feathers plumed off the king-size top hat. (Not the first costume of the evening to remind you how tall he is. And how happy you are about that.)

Buckskins are among the many Native American knowledge bases co-opted by the White Man. Leather fringe flittering was a kind of camouflage. It broke up the solid outline of human form. Like much magic, including feathers, it eventually became decorative.

But this Puppet Master pulling the strings of his dancers causes me just a tiny personal smile. He’s a Shaman! Yes, interestingly, this character has White Man Wampum and firewater blurred aspects that polygot New Orleans has always known.

But he’s a Shaman!

Adam performing has felt like a Shaman in command many times to me. Kundalini rising, respectful energy exchange with his audience. Smiling, happy, pure goodness of delight in being there doing his flat-out best to bring joy to those watching.

But still, always in energetic command.

Sheer, utter, command. As he is, right now, and will be throughout the entire show.

He is combined complete masculine power and sweet, happy puppy giving. Grounded from barefoot toe tip to insouciant sky-high Elvis hair by being fully present. Alive with himself. Yet, he’s clearly there only and completely for his audience.

Half the people sitting in the orchestra will believe he made eye contact with them, several times. Even me. And I’m in the 12th row and know I can’t be seen.

What he’s connecting to is the joyful energy flowing ceaselessly towards him. And that there is no place in that audience he can’t look and make contact.

Light, sweet control. Deft, barely discernable control. Master’s touch. Never lets go. All for us.

He has put out his palm from note one, we are all in it, and he will take care of us until it’s over. Energy, intention, highest good magic.

He is an instructional video in how to use energy on stage. Awake, aware, alive, sparkling. Shimmy shake cutie-pie.

And, then, thrust, pop, yes that really happened, just like you felt it way down inside, alpha male.

The show’s first song may be about VooDoo (a widely misrepresented religion) but it’s not dark. He can’t be dark. He’s too happy to be there. And his intentions for the world are all about peace, love and growth-inducing change.

Still, first show, first tour, lights up, there he is, a Shaman.

The Mad Hatter will take us Down the Rabbit Hole, issuing one of the most unnecessary invitations in the history of stage performance: Come on and follow me.

He’ll shed the fringed jacket to become a sutra seductor in Ring of Fire. And the barefoot temptation then lathers us through what may become the best Broadway Production number known to Rockland: Fever. Adam and the dancers fan themselves in cute unison. But there is no cooling us off.

The first costume change – covered by some still emerging as how far theatre/rock to take it dancing – is another energetic archetype Adam both completely inhabits and inverts. A new silhouette of power, up high. But this time in a long, floor-dusting, form-outlining coat.

He could be a Mage, a Priest, a Sultan, a King. Sleepwalker organ chords slowly build. Heathcliff. Phantom. He’s wearing what could be a cassock, a wizard’s cloak, a prince’s robe.
This is classic leading man stuff. With every twist imaginable.

And continuing evidence that the supremely gifted costume designer knows the importance of showing what the headliner is working with. Including the impact of a flash of long, strong thigh. And broad shoulders. (Expressive, broad shoulders that later can sway the third costume change’s magnificent striped leather jacket as if it had tail feathers)

But now it’s the Magician King’s top coat he’s wearing when he’s sitting on his stool, talking directly to each of us, singing directly to us all. And when a moment occurs, for the first time, that is certain to happen 69 times more.

And that’s when he sings “Thanks for loving me…” in WWFM.

Before he can even get to “doing if perfectly” the audience has roared up its happiness. He reacts. This is big magic. There are almost two thousand people beaming love. And they represent untold thousands more who love this man, his fearless dedication to excellence, and the happiness he creates.

Who want his best. His fullest, strongest, most interesting and inspiring self.

And they don’t get much chance to say this to him directly, personally, nor he to us, and this song, this moment is mutual opportunity for that to happen.

It was splendid. And will only get more so.

Adam seems aware that this is an unique fanbase. In Fever, he wiggled his fingers out to beckon in the entire venue singing he wants to “get all of you alone” and you believe him.

For this hour, this time, he is here for each of us. There is two-way love going on here. But right now, this is his job, this is his responsibility of the relationship. This is where he shows up and holds nothing back.

Our job is to try to stay in our bodies enough to enjoy the energy of so much love beaming around and forget everything but here, now, and the fun.

An interesting choice Adam has made with his show is apparently to become a patron of the arts and promote dance.

The dancers are used like spices. Sparingly, but with just the right flavor. They are not, praise Terpsichore, yet another hack rendition of Pop Star accoutrement number 4: Beat Bopping Bodies.

This is way more genuine musical production than that step-clomp-wriggle-du-jour stuff, that’s almost become a parody, usually with a phalanx of same-size all males, covering up auto-tuned lip synching.

As many of us discussed when Adam’s somewhat less than unique dance numbers hit the internet, Adam does not need ordinary Pop Singer dancing. And that’s not what’s happening now. This is real dancing. Including his.

News to no one, but Adam has got some moves. And over time, he and the dancers hitting those beats together is gonna be big fun. It already is.

And no video has shown just how fast and skilled that fist-pumping interchange he does with choreographer Brooke really is. And at the end of the show! Where did he get the energy.

On one hand, it doesn’t really matter what else is happening on stage. You’re gonna tractor beam him. But the dancers have the potential to both enhance the show and further showcase his originality. The man can dance. And choreography is another way to demo his talents.

And while I am a RL supporter of modern dance, wasn’t expecting dancing without Adam. It is not clear exactly how the dancing interlude moments are going to evolve. Felt a little bit like the times where the dancers are on stage performing without him should be either more original and complex, or just shorter.

But like the band playing without Adam – and Cam, Longineau, and Tommy are great musicians, and, of course it’s always a pleasure to hear Monte Pittman play – there may be more to come. Or less.

As he introduces the show closing “If I Had You”, Adam preaches his message of Put Love First. That “if you are not connected to Love” nothing means nothing. Most especially Rock Stardom.

There has been much to learn about love as an Adam Lambert fan.

He’s an unwilling Pied Piper who only intended to entertain. But has ended up launching dialogues and discussions. And creating a wired fanbase of diverse people with a love of creativity, of joy, of happiness, of peace, connection, community, newness, diversity, and fun, that is no small instrument of intelligence and power.

Right now, on this tour, Adam can use that unwavering support to do anything he chooses.

The shows are sold out. Everyone in the audience wants him to strut his stuff.

Hope he gets to try everything he ever wanted, even if it’s just for a minute a night, to see how it might work. The chance to do that doesn’t happen often. And all his hard work created it. Hope he can seize it and use it as time and tour grind, of course, will allow.

There is so much first tier amazing singing and entertaining going on that he could go crazy nuts, let’s just try this, every once in a while and even if it – like all pursuit of creative greatness must include – splatted and clunked, this audience would still have the time of their lives.

It’s his container, he built it, he can use it as he pleases.

Can’t wait to see it again. For unknown reasons, my seat experienced the worst sound mix imaginable. Echo like a Miley Cyrus track. Band overload. His voice mixed down too soft, and echo echo echo flabby. Like a bad car radio three blocks away. And even without getting to enjoy those clarion clear notes only Adam can do, it was a spectacular experience.

Do what ever you can to get there – within reason, of course. But consider a broad definition of reasonable.

And if geography or circumstances prevent that, hope some moments of reporting here on the things videos can’t entirely show enhance your vicarious entertainment.

He is as amazing you want him to be. And this is just the beginning.


And now, about, the little mystery.

There is another aspect of Lambertarian energetic experience that has, full disclosure, become more important to me than enjoying Adam’s talents. And that’s the community.

The online community of people who simultaneously believe in Adam’s abilities yet still can’t, even now, believe they’re spending so much time together on the internet, has been a rich, highly diverse alternate universe of big rewards.

The learning opportunities have been many. Especially the learning about getting along with others.

But as people find experiencing Adam’s “Believe in Yourself” fully present energy such a pleasure, and, in some cases, a bit of awakening, there is a kind of “What now?”

And for some members of the community, discussions, especially on Twitter, have evolved to topics sparked by Adam, and to other areas.

People have also found themselves wanting to stop living the “that’s my sign – procrastinating” aspects of their own personal expression.

Yet the energetic rewards of online community seem to ironically eat the time that might be spent compassionately examining one’s own reluctance to Burning Man epiphany to stop perpetuating the hanging back systems of the past and to just go for it.

Even if “It” is draw a picture once a week. Or laugh louder. Or dress boldly. Or stop care-taking others as a never satisfying substitute of actually taking care of yourself.

So, in hopes of aiding some “going for it” in the essential foundational work of “Knowing Yourself” I am going to humbly present some online forays into Psychological Astrology:

Fifth House Sun School of Astro Creativity

Coming soon to this very space

Those of you who know something about Astrology may already be laughing. The Fifth House on the wheel of Astrology is, actually, the Sun’s own house.

The Sun, its sign Leo, and the Fifth House rule Creativity.

Thus “Creative” is the only kind of Fifth House there is.

And fun. Hope we’ll have fun. Will tweet when school begins.

You can get a free chart at

It is recommended that you set up a free account there, so you can save charts. But you can simply run your natal chart without an account at this link.

Saving your chart as both a PDF (or screen grab) and printing it will be more convenient for future use. Though, if you set up an account, you can always sign in at Astro .com and pop your chart up on screen. has both an FAQ page and help if you need it.

The Better-er Chart

After you enter your data at the link at, you’ll be shown an on-screen chart. You want more.

In the left-hand side-bar, you’ll see an option for “Horoscope Drawings & Calculations”. Click on that. Then, chose “Chart Drawing, Ascendant”.

The chart that next appears is the one to keep. Print up and save as PDF.

Birth-time Situation

If you don’t know exactly what time you were born, you can still do some learning.

It you have a vague idea, then run several charts, at a range of times. If you have no idea, try to find out.

But there is an option of running a sort of “Generic You” chart and put the time at noon.

You can still join in the fun. But the more you know about your birth time, the more you’ll get to know about yourself.

While we are grateful for

And want them to prosper. We have to issue a cautionary note.

The site was founded and is run by some great Astrologers.

But for unknown reasons, the click-it free portraits are not meaningful anymore. If you try them, and think “this makes no sense”, you’ve had a brush with reality.

Don’t know if their paid products are also no longer relevant or not.

Knowing Your Nodes

Hello, Students! Welcome to the real stuff. Your first moment of Astro calculation.

Get out your own personal natal chart to locate your North Node. (Free chart info here, if you need)

If your chart is from, the North Node will be listed as “True Node” in the box that lists your entire planetary line-up. It’s likely to be the next to last listing. (Right above Chiron, which, by the way, is our next class.)

That listing will tell you the exact location of your North Node in degree, sign, and minute. Example: 12 SAG 18, means 12 degrees, 18 minutes of Sagittarius.

The North Node symbol will be depicted on your chart wheel drawing in one of the 12 houses. The symbol looks like a tiny upside down “U” with curly cue ends, shown here in blue. On an chart the “U” will have a “T” inside it, like the green version here, to indicate it’s using the “True” node calculation.

Okay, get ready, here’s the calculation part.

Look at your Natural Zodiac pdf. (Here, if you need).

See the 1st house, 2nd house, so on. You are now going to determine in which house on your personal chart your North North node is located.

Starting with the 1st house, with the ascendant, which is in the same place on your chart as it is on the Natural Zodiac chart, count the number of pie wedges to your North Node. First house is 1, 2nd house is two, 3rd house is three, etc.

This number is your North Node’s house location. It is important. Say it’s the 8th House. Shown here, with the 12 SAG 18 example, with nothing else on the chart so you can see it.

In the Nodal Path descriptions below, you will be reading about North Node in the 8th House. Doesn’t matter what the sign is, your North Node being in the 8th House means you will be learning 8th House lessons.

Okay, What house is directly opposite the 8th House in the Natural Zodiac? The 2nd House. (For those that like math: 8-6=2. Since there are 12 houses in a circle, “directly opposite” is always just 6 pie wedges away. You can either add or subtract 6 to get there.)

Even though it’s not drawn on your chart, in this example, the 2nd House is where your South Node is located. Again, very important. (And if you got your chart somewhere other than, the South Node may actually be drawn in. It’s symbol, appropriately, is the mirror opposite of the North Node.

Now we know your Nodes’ House placement. Next, we’re going to determine the sign of your South Node. Continuing with this example, what is the sign that is opposite Sagittarius? Look at the Natural Zodiac chart. Find Sagittarius (Hint, it’s the 9th House). What is the sign directly opposite Sagittarius in the 3rd house? (Math: 9-6=3) Yes, Gemini. So in this example, your South Node is at 12 degrees, 18 minutes of Gemini.

Which means, in this example, you would be on the Sagittarius North Node/Gemini South Node Path. As well as the 8th House North Node/2nd House South Node Path.

(This may seem a little confusing right now. Soon, this “opposite” house and sign stuff will seem like the alphabet. Just the building blocks of a new language.)

When you read the Nodal Descriptions, remember you will read two: One for the signs of your nodes, one for the houses.

If you don’t know your birth time, unfortunately you won’t be able to read the House part. Though if a particular House path resonates strongly with you, use the knowledge. (It may also help, one day, if you decide to have an Astrologer rectify your chart. Which is figuring out your ascendant without a birth time.)

So, equipped with your nodal placements, let the freedom begin! Here are the brief introductory descriptions of the Moon’s Nodes 12 Journeys.

Originally posted at As first in a series of columns exploring Life with Adam Lambert in the 4C – Community, Creativity, the Cosmos, and Commercial Sluttery (with morals)

“What’s he trying to be?”

When I was your basic Madison Avenue Type New Yorker, if my first in-depth exposure to Adam Lambert had been at the Nokia that would have been my instant inner inquiry.

What’s he trying to be? Rocker? Broadway Star? Crooner? Sex God? Pop Male Brittany who can actually sing? Lord Ga-Ga?

Because I would have been operating from alleged savvy business perspective. Where everything and everyone wants to be A Brand.

Target, position, define, label. Box it up, analyze “The Market”, stamp it: “One Specific Thing”, round ‘em up, move ‘em out, sell, baby, sell!

All part of MadAve Me’s other singular assumption: Everybody Wants to Be a Really Big Star. That there is just One Goal: Making It. Meaning sell as many records – or now downloads – as possible to the pinpointed “target market”

And these would have been penetrating insights if Glam Nation had rolled into town in 1989. Or anytime before Steve Jobs said “Let there be iPod”.

But in 2010, not so much.

Here’s why: Technology.

Technology has changed everything. Including, as you shall see, how all marketers perceive and sell to their markets.

That shift, and the unlimited opportunities (and jeopardies) technology opens to entertainers makes another number as important as ranking on the charts – and that’s the number of emotionally-bonded, likely-to-be-longterm fans. You’ll soon see why.

Welcome to your Instant MBA

This MBA may not get you a job as a CEO, but could make you more informed than many of them.

It may also encourage you to agree with my humble opinions (HO’s) – or not, for isn’t Intelligent Discussion the Bedrock Beauty of PF?

HO #1: This is the only Positioning Statement Brand Adam ever needs:

    Adam Lambert: Expect the Unexpected. Excellence Guaranteed.

No genres. No limits. Target Market: People who are excited by excellence. Especially in their entertainment.

Thus when today’s “Hot Branded Something” is trying desperately to re-invent themselves as “Not Whatever They Used to Be” – (See Cyrus, Miley; Brothers, Jonas; and inevitably Perry, Katy and Ha,Ke$) – Adam will simply be expanding. Surprising and delivering excellence. As always.

On whatever new-fangled platform the future may bring. And the fangles will be many.

Pixel Pounding

Technology has revolutionized – and decimated – both Advertising and the Recording Industry. And movies, magazines, books, television, newspapers.

The old model of Big Companies controlling the physical creation and physical distribution of physical, finite products is the S.S. Dial Telephone and the iceberg has rammed. Sinking entire industries into a “ContenTainment” blur.

And this is just the beginning – the Stone Age of the Information Age. Dinosaurs of Music Industry and Radio are still roaming the Earth.

No one’s quite sure how long re-arranging the deck chairs of “Catchy Singles” will last. But in 1999, U.S. music sales and licensing was $14.6 billion. Last year, going 10 for 10 in the decade, the figure was $6.3 billion. Not a sustainable trend

And casualties aren’t confined to “old media” either.

Example: Ringtones. Literally, unheard of before this century, the market peaked in 2007 at $880 million. Down another 15% in 2009. Yes, money’s still being made, but ringtones are on their way to 8-track land. Why? Technology. Phones can store whole songs as ringtones. People can make their own.

In five years, people on the farthest reaches of the globe could be carrying around a “mobile” with enough computer power to run Cleveland. “U B DJ VII” could let you remix every track you’ve ever owned, switching in vocals simulating every star of the past century.

So in the face of the unforeseeable, while still being required to play the Old School Making It Game, what’s a golden talent hankering for a Sir Paul kind of longevity to do?

If I were a Business Genie (insert your own lamp-rubbing joke here) and could both grant Adam some wishes and make some HO wishes for him, here is where I’d start:

1) Own Your Customers
2) Listen to Your Heart
3) Put Every Dime into Your F-U Freedom Fund

Here’s why:

F-U Fund First

Technology is uncontrollable. The needs of a big, obsoleting corporation are basically: Survive.

RCA may be a wondrous label, run by outstanding people. But technology is as unstoppable as the demands of stock analysts on quarterly reports.

The interests of a corporation strip-mining for life support may, with no warning, not always align with their artists. (Or recently-fired employees.)

Plus Old School power structure can repeatedly ignore technologically created new opportunities, leaving huge stacks of money on the techno table.

Prudence demands ready access to an FU-4-FU’ing Me, walk-away-from-the-death-throes fund. So that at any instant, the same technology decimating big business can phoenix self-controlled Lambert Studios into action. Five friends and eight iMacMondo’s you’re in action.

Especially if you’ve managed Wish #1: Own Your Customers

Instant MBA Core Knowledge: Bonding is the new Branding.

This is not an HO. This is basic biz today.

Known because cheap, desktop technology allowed “target market” demo number crunchers to uncover the reality of sales.

Reality: A tiny fraction of customers drive the vast majority of sales for every product and service offered anywhere. And make or break your profit margin.

These essential customers have cutsey proprietary names in new business pitches, where agencies promise: “We’ll Get You Some”. Like Influencers. Or the Golden Geese.

They may be 2-15% of your customer base. But they drive 80-95% of your sales.

Drive. Not necessarily personally purchase.

The Golden Customers, with whom you must deeply, completely, thoroughly relate are the ones who love you the most.


For one, people who buy a lot – “Heavy users” in Branding hey-day – with no emotional commitment will dump you the minute something cheaper, shinier or more interesting comes along.

But more importantly, because loyal and emotionally-bonded customers generate Word-of-Mouth (WOM). And WOM=sustainable long-term sales. And your profit margin.

Glam Nation Needed No Ad Budget

Advertising is expensive. More and more so all the time. And doesn’t always generate interest or purchase. (Example: any low-turnout/canceled tour)

Word-of-Mouth is not expensive, often having that very good price: Free! And works. Every time. There’s your profit. For every service and product sold anywhere.

And while PR – or good reviews – are excellent WOM generators, loyal and emotionally-bonded customers are non-stop Excited Experts who proselytize. They recruit new users with enthusiasm and documented proof of your product’s quality. People get a tip, they’re intrigued, they’ll sample.

If the product delivers, those new recruits will buy again. And are on their way to the Golden Bonded Moment of WOM-ing, too.

The goal of every profit-oriented business is to maintain and deepen relationship with their customers – new samplers and loyal stand-bys alike – so that a sufficient number will become sufficiently bonded to maintain sufficient Word-of-Mouth to sustain sales.

Short version:

    No passion, no profit.

And remember, heavy purchase does not equal passion. Kesha, Rihanna, and Jordin Sparks all sell singles. Concert tickets, not so easy. Plus, passion-wise, what is there about those artists to create bonding? Or even make them unique and irreplaceable over the long-term?

IMHO, longevity in the ever-changing, techno-advancing, ContenTainment future – artistically, creatively, and financially – belongs to entertainers who have loyal, bonded, instantly reachable customers who are eager to spend for their favorites’ unique, high-quality product.

Who will legally purchase new Creative Expression from their trusted and revered source early and often – plus recruit other experimenters – for years to come. NO MATTER WHAT PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY CREATES.

In other words: We are Adam’s Future.

We’re his Ace-in-the-Hole, Future-Insuring, Golden Assets.

With enough loyal customers, and cheap-enough technology-based distribution, a versatile and talented artist can create entirely new categories of Entertainment.

Which is why every one of us charge-card-wielding, highly-discerning, ain’t going nowhere stans is Freedom on Legs for Mr. Lambert.

We make him able to leap technological platforms with a single bound. We make him able to risk creatively. We guarantee WOM. We are a solid layer of new model money – whatever that model may be. No matter how many times it changes.

Bond us, Mr. Lambert, bond.

You have already benefitted from TV’s biggest WOM maker – American Idol. Which allowed us to meet you. But it’s your uniqueness that made the bond.

Build on that.

Solidify your rock-hard foundation of Freedom of Expression and Longevity in the unknowable technological future by instituting new, innovative, interactive and emotionally-bonding ways to exploit your devoted and diverse fans. (Insert “Til you’re screaming my name” jokes here.)

And give us interesting and creative ways to recruit new assets.

Legally Possess Now & Always

And when I wished “Own your customers” I meant that not just emotionally, but literally. Legally.

Equally important as relating to Radio – IMHO possibly more so – is Adam setting up first-class mechanisms through his own Lambertarian Enterprises LLC, to relate on his own, outside the legal entanglements of the system, to his essential golden assets: his fans. (And we’ll discuss possibilities in future columns.)

He must not sign away any post-contract techno-relating with his fanbase. And he may have already lost rights to the AO email list. Twitter follower status unknown.

But Twitter could die next year. And something new appear next month.

Pioneer new categories and ways of fan relationship, Mr. Lambert. Understand this is as important an area as album and concert creation. And demands the same level of newness and excitement.

Forget what the industry thinks fans are. Ignore bullet points. Shatter templates. Run from repeats that “worked” for so-and-so.

You – and your fans alike – are a category of one.

Adam Lambert fans want different, exciting, social change oriented, creatively inspiring interaction.

Pioneer this field. And don’t let 19, Sony, or RCA own any of it.

Because for an individual artist, on a global basis, it doesn’t take many customers to sustain a long, excitingly creative career. That no amount of “latest big thing” ContenTainment buzzery can change.

You do the math.

Broad current numbers: labels today take 60+% off the top of record sales. Plus the artist’s sliver to cover costs and advance until recoupment. (Q3 is the expert in this label/artist split stuff, but here’s an article if you’re interested:

Compare this to techno possibilities of artist-owned product and distribution base.
Quick example using today’s technology:

Imagine 200K global customers happily spending 50 bucks a year for high-quality Adam Lambert Live performance, be that PPV, day-after-concert downloads, mid and end of tour DVD’s, anything.

200K x $50 =$10 million. Annually. Finagle customers/sales/productions costs any direction – plenty of room to play. Including produce only 10 amazing-razzle-dazzle-whatever you please extravaganza tour shows a year.

Though Adam may not be touring. He may be in movies. Making EP’s or video poetry readings as he pleases on the side.

Anytime Adam invents something new – say it’s a mobile phone episode concert series, or musical soap opera for that matter – he puts it in the pipeline. Loyal fans buy. They WOM to others.

Plus the more fascinatingly creative he is, the more likely he is to get PR across the ContenTainment 24/7 need for content.

Heart Knowledge Means Freedom

Money, fame, and fortune buy a lot of things. Freedom is not always among them.

Adam has said, repeatedly – including the morning after the finale – that the excitement for him about winning Idol runner-up was a chance to [i]create[/i].

He wants to create and – thank you, Libra Rising – collaborate. Much as he loves music, he will not be content for long – thank you, Moon in Aries – with just one creative outlet.

If he wants to be a Big Global Pop Star, go for it. If RCA can make everything happen for him, using his fanbase and ability to pioneer platforms for a mutual Giant Star Forever career, fabulous.

But death rattling companies need vehicles of change.

Adam’s label may know Adam’s one of their best hopes for riding into the future. And will make it worth his while.

Adam needs to know way down inside, how much he wants To Be Big, and how much he wants to be Free. The list of “Used To Be Big” is Long. The list of Creatively Free, shorter.

If he knows his heart, his main jobs are: 1) Continually invent new excellence. 2) Make sure his innovative people are continually inventing meaningful, creative ways to maintain his golden asset fanbase at whatever number works for his goals.

Be that 50,000, two million, five million, ten thousand. (10K x $200 in purchases a year = $2 million. Sideline. While he directs his first movie. Or whatever they’re called then…)

May it be whatever number brings him the greatest freedom of creativity and the greatest happiness of heart.

And may all his wishes come true. Especially his most golden ones.