Is there a way to harness the thrill and community of being a card-carrying Lambertarian and transform it into a wider kind of fun?

Something that doesn’t only pursue excitement through celebrating the talents of a gifted and compelling man, but equally celebrates our own.


And that’s why this Astro School was started.

To help interested members of our diverse and dynamic community discover how much great stuff they got to strut. Through the adventures of Psychological Astrology.

We’ll explore how the same go-for-it creative energies we admire in a certain talented, smart, and fascinating admitted Astro Geek play a vital role in our own lives.

This School intends to both break the glittery spell and help it pull deeper.

Understanding your chart can be like learning amazing, bedrock truths about yourself you never even recognized.

Your natal chart can be a road map, a guide, a documentary film starring you, that you just didn’t realize had been released. And that you are, in fact, the director.

Now, as Adam says about himself, this little experiment is “not for everyone”. And neither is Psychological Astrology.

But for those who enjoy adventure, connection, creativity, brain-engaging discussion, and freedom, welcome to a whole lotta fun.

We’re starting with some necessary basics. (Click on “First Lessons” in the menu bar or below)

Coming soon is a second batch of First Lessons. Covering the more philosophical aspects of studying here at Astro Creativity School

Then, after you’ve had a chance to explore all that, we’ll start learning about an actual Astro Placement in your chart.

Naturally, we will not start any place expected or usual. (This is a Lambertarian Learning Institute. Expected and usual are not among our core values.)

We’re going to start with your faculty’s favorite part of Astro Creativity: The Moons Nodes.

The what?

Moons Nodes?

What’s that?

Oh, just a little indication of your path to wholeness and learning in this lifetime.

Hey, in Lambertaria, nothing small. Even from the start.


First Lessons

Getting Your Own Chart