Virgo has the worst PR in the Zodiac.

Because Virgo is The Goddess, and misogyny is far from extinct, Virgo has been labelled with a cess-pool of anti-feminine, aiming-to-disempower negatives. That’s why, in our lifetime, any prominent Astrological placement including Virgo, or the 6th house, has an extra aspect: Redemption of Virgo.

Part of the bad rap of Virgo is being an over-critical, shrewish, nit-picking harpy. This is not Virgo. This is the misguided ancient patriarchy in action.

Virgo is about discernment and attention to detail. Exquisite, essential abilities.

Women, for centuries, who might have an ability to discern where improvement could be made to any system, structure, or power-base in society, have not generally been encouraged to make this contribution.

Indeed, knowledgeable women with highly detailed knowledge of how to use sharp-eyed discernment in matters of health – a Virgo focus – by using natural remedies such as those from another Virgo concern, the Earth – herbs, for example – experienced that non-encouragement of burning at the stake. Along with their knowledge. And their small animals, cats in particular, another area of Virgo care.

Virgo, at her essence, is not cruel. She is just the opposite. She is here to serve. She loves Earth. She loves its animals especially. She celebrates health, healing and working hard.

She loves the 3-D. And she is ruled by Mercury who wants us all to communicate.

Notice Virgo’s dominion covers a whole lotta things that get beat-up by the misguided patriarchy: Earth, health, animals.

“Virgin” in its original meaning wasn’t about never having sex. It means “woman unto herself”. A person that discerns and supports her own health so clearly, she needs no help from others, in fact, can give from the bounty of herself to help those things she values.

If your South Node is in Virgo, or the sixth house, especially if you are female, and you have been over-critical to others, and most especially to yourself, search out why. Search out what circumstances, events, or frustrations changed you from discerning to curmudgeon. And make amends with others and your own sweet clear-eyed, Earth-loving child self. And then reach for the lessons of Pisces, the open, merging North Node you are here to learn.

If your North Node is in Virgo, or the sixth house, you can take your Piscean mystical insights into the hippiest trip of all: Redeeming Virgo. By learning to pinpoint the exact ways each of us, the Earth, and the four-leggeds upon Her, may both join together, yet also stand fully ourselves, within our selves. Which will be serving yourself, and the whole planet.

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