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“I was on my best behavior, but it wasn’t fake.
That really was my best self.”
– Adam Lambert, about himself on Idol


If given several hours alone with Adam Lambert in a locked hotel room – with good room service and better-er cocktails – I would actually want to spend the first twenty minutes discussing his natal Astrology Chart.

(The second twenty on Business Strategy, link below.)

For a self-professed “AstroGeek”, Adam Lambert is coy about AstroDetails.

When asked, he’s hedged about his birth time. He discusses Astrology with an odd Sun Sign bias, which keeps it superficial and vague.

Since he has to know only a full chart matters and that he’s given enough clues for other AstroGeeks to guess much of his, we must assume he wants privacy. And honor that. We’ll only discuss Adam’s personal chart to the extent he’s done so publicly.

That includes Moon in Aries and Libra Rising.

Placements – as we shall see – that have been important to his success. (And interestingly, in other forms and ways, show up often in charts of his fanbase.)

So, ignoring the crucial nuances, challenges, and realities a full chart brings, and taking a whole lotta liberties, we’re gonna break some rules, trash it up, and explore the delicious lessons of these placements. Because there is something in it for us all.

Feelings First

Astrologically, the Moon represents our feelings. Our deepest emotional pathways. How we innately react inside.

The Moon, symbolized by the Great Mother’s own crescent crown, also shows how we can “mother” and nurture ourselves.

Our Astro Moon reveals ways, things, moments, actions and situations that would make us feel good at a core level. Adam tells us he has Moon in Aries.

Aries is the sign of Self. The first sign of the Zodiac, fiery Aries shouts “I am here, I am Me, and this is good!”.

Aries is ruled by Mars. You wanna see Aries sing? Watch Sure Fire Winners. Especially the moves, the way he rides the energy.

Warrior Aries starts new things, stands up for Self – blissfully unaware that follow-up or others are necessary – and is keenly aware of one’s Real Identity. Moon in Aries emotionally equips one to go forth, initiate, be real, and unhesitatingly slice away anything stopping that primal drive.

Thus, innately, for Adam, it feels good to be his True Self. Authenticity nurtures. Newness is home base.

Sweet & Pretty

Libra Rising, on the other hand, means Adam is on a lifetime journey exploring Relationship with Others.

And his interactions with outside life will often be led by Venutian ways – valuing harmony, beauty, kindness, and relationships. And avoiding conflict.

Plus, Venus being on the Ascendant means she also rules his First House. Which is Aries own house, Mars’s natural home.

When Libra rules the First House, plain ole mathematics make Aries automatically rule the 7th House. Which just happens to be Libra’s own house. So in Adam’s chart, Mars is in charge of Venus’s natural home, and Venus is in charge of Mars’s.

All of which means exactly what you think it does: Adam Lambert celebrates Mars and Venus at the same time. Baby clothes of leather and lace, he was born valuing the full range of that energetic diversity.

Because Aries – ruled by Mars – and Libra – ruled by Venus – are polar opposites. Together they form a complete energetic spectrum. To understand Astrology – and Adam, and one’s own chart – one must first understand spectrums.

Opposites Are Not Unattached

The Zodiac Wheel is composed of 12 arenas of energy called Houses. Connect each house to its seeming polar opposite on the other side of the circle – and you have a bigger reality, two divergent energies making a whole.

Thus, the 12 houses of the Wheel can also be viewed as 6 energetic spectrums.

The Aries-Libra spectrum represents the most basic aspect of incarnation: Self and Others. Aries is all about Self. Libra is all about Others.

Libra Rising helps give Adam his innate desire to help others. Give people tips. Put others first.

You see Libra Rising in how he leads public interactions with respect and kindness. As well as his diplomacy, openness to others’ ideas, and joy in collaboration. An Air Sign, it’s also part of his love of intellect, thinking, words, and ideas.

Moon in Aries keeps him from getting lost in AirHead OtherLand. He can listen, learn, experience, and then – instinctively – know what’s right for him, and take action.

Prominent Libra placements without the balancing gift of prominent Aries placements mean actions may never happen. And a lifetime of Self asking Self “Whataya Want From Me?” is continually answered with some version of “Who Are You?” and/or “Whatever They Want From Me”.

Aries may go it alone, but not get lonely. Aries has to be true and start new things. The opinion of others is simply not of concern to Aries.

While Libra values balance, it can in fact, be so hungry for the company of others, and so eager to prevent discord, it remains perpetually lonely because it never establishes the essential foundation of relationship: Authentic Self.

Without a True Self, no intimacy can occur. There is nothing with which the other person can relate. There is just air, a smiling service, a pretty vessel hoping to be filled.

But Moon in Aries means it will never feel genuine to be completely subsumed into others ideas and existence. Without there being some Me in the collaboration it just won’t feel good.

Watch Adam be interviewed to see the spectrum in action. He rarely treats even the most absurd or limp question with anything other than respect: Libra Rising. He uplifts triteness, often, by repeating the inane inquiry respectfully, like he’s actually considering the answer. He also doesn’t lie. (Moon in Aries).

And if it ever becomes too much, too inauthentic, Aries cries: Stop! Adam takes action. Like Tweeting interviewers: Enough! Do your homework! (And Libra continued to tolerate the resulting non-compliance)

Theatre training would have taught Adam that the entire point of live performance is doing everything for the audience. That it’s a dialogue, a two-way exchange. An entertainer’s job is to create an experience with the audience. Different every night – not just because Aries Moon likes it constantly new, but because the audience is different.

“I know they’re gonna be having a good time,
so that’s all that matters.”

That was just a small aside about the GNT audience from Adam in a recent radio interview. Libra Rising would understand all this “Others First” and “It’s an audience collaboration” stuff instinctively.

At the same time, if there ain’t nothing unique, new, real and exciting happening in the performance, the audience – rightly so – is going to be short-changed.

Burn bright Aries. Show us what you, and you alone, are working with.

Moon in Aries means the more authentically present he is in each song energetically, the better it feels for Adam. I am here! This is Good!”

Every minute he’s on stage, Adam is actively reaching out and through the audience on a molecular energy level. No passivity, no hanging back. Reading everyone out there, because Libra knows all that bright fire is for just one purpose: Giving happiness to others.

Being himself is Adam’s gift to his audience. Full spectrum.

(And, yes, amusingly, trashing rules galore, I am – just this once – ignoring the Sun’s own Leo, the actual sign of theatrics, performance, and ruler of the all-important home of Creativity: The Fifth House. Not to mention -as you other AstroGeeks probably have been yelling – Neptune. And everybody’s favorite Transformer: Scorpio. Another time.)

S9 – What Others? There’s an Audience?

Among the agonizing short-comings of the entire cast of AI Season 9 was their seeming to think performance is basically: “Watch Me”. Unaware of the essential collaborative aspects of inspired performance. Or how to read and dialogue energetically with an audience.

They just stand up there and do it.

Sometimes even the extremely gifted Allison and Orianthi suffer from this misunderstanding that their entire job is to be something to watch. They focus their energy on themselves, on performing musically, not on reading the audience. Which can give a remote, once-removed passivity to otherwise impressive abilities.

Orianthi especially just doesn’t seem to understand she is required to assume the primary, active responsibility for the necessary energetic collaboration with the audience. When the pair have their (we hope long-lasting) Nouveau Heart moment together, becoming more fully present for each other, both they and the room get to share in that exchange. And everything sparks more alive.

Maybe it’s the penalty of being surrounded by artificial, electro-enhanced performances and not enough good-old fashioned live theatre.

But these energetically removed performers don’t seem to recognize, song after song, that their entire reason to step out on that stage is to step forward and create an experience for others. Fully, actively inhabit their entire body energetically. For the audience’s pleasure. That they’re not there only to “have fun” for themselves. Or just show off what they can do.

They are there to service others.

This is the opposite of film or television performance. There, with cameras so close, the job is to Be True Inside. Forget others. Live the character’s experience. Not project to the audience. Keep the emotions internally authentic and they will telegraph to the audience. The camera insures that.

Adam had to learn in the beginning of his Idol journey that serving others – and himself – when on TV required not projecting to the back row. That “Keeping it Real” was different in a different medium.

But Libra Rising means he never forgot his success depended on creating the best experience possible for those watching. He is always there to Serve Others Pleasure.

Once He’s In, He Owns Whatever He Wants From You

Even on AI, it was plain to see that Adam’s ability to read, penetrate and ignite his audience’s energy – including over the airwaves – was near shamanic. And that if there are other lifetimes, he must have done a few as kundalini master.

But, Astrologically, his understanding of how the audience of Others and the performing Self are a union would have been instinctive.

Adam loves connecting with others. Go Libra! But what he wouldn’t like as much – and he has often said – is experiencing that connection in live performance in a role as a character. He is excited by getting to be himself – Yay Aries – on stage. And has said so repeatedly.

“For me as a person, I really started honing in on what it was that makes me who I am, and I really wanted that to come out in my music”

Professionally, where the relationship is with his audience, and the most personal interaction is in performance, with his prominent Venus-Mars spectrum Adam can actually express both. Fully. Neither abridged. Switching as often as he chooses. Both sides completely spoken at their appropriate times.

All that beauty and rich wardrobe and soft, feminine, pretty beguilement is Venus in action. And all that chest-popping, hip-thrusting, hard, hot, deep, how can any one man be that masculine fire is just as real, thank you, Mars.

Fully Male. But this wild child is never, ever gonna hurt you.

Adam makes love to his audience. Literally. Every night. And as much as Aries is feeling the fire, Venus knows he not only will respect you in the morning, he’s respecting you way down inside all night long. He’s doing this all for you, darlin’.

For a large portion of the audience, this is the only time your chromosomes are gonna qualify you as Love Partner.

But for this hour, You’re the One. You’re the Goddess, he’s Warrior Rock God, and it’s gonna be good for you. Venus is here, just as large and in charge, she knows what you want, and it’s every inch of my love, isn’t it?

Those that want him are given satisfaction. Those that just want to be him are equally invited to union. Secure, rippling with Mars own adrenaline fuel, within the boundaries of performance, Adam opens himself while penetrating every energetic door the audience throws open for him.

Adam cannot help but read the energy of his audience. Both his training and his instincts know that’s his job. His honor and integrity as an Entertainer require him to be Fully Himself, but deliver that Fullness all for You. And his antennae are reading “You”, the audience, every note.

Man, Oh, Man, That’s Pretty

Watch vids and you can see how the macho parts of Glam Nation get more Alpha Male every night.

Moon in Aries nurtured by the fire from the audience, Adam thriving in being himself. His biceps are even buffer. This does not stop the eyeliner growing thicker, the jewels from glittering, the camp campier, the outrageous being more secure, and Venus from gaining allure.

On stage is Sacred Union time, the Conjunctio. Venus-Mars. Fully both. This is his responsibility: Serve You. Bring the Real Him, which, perfectly, is exactly What You Want.

Dress-up is a different thing.

Dress-up – and the art and creativity it entails – are authentic expressions for Adam. He wore a Halloween cape year-round as a child. His True Self likes to pretend. Creativity=Authenticity.

For Adam the fun of playing dress-up, of pretending, of creating illusion, especially in the conspiracy of others is [i]not [/i]the opposite of Real. The point of pretending is to be even More Real.

With Moon in Aries, Adam has an ability to use illusion that others may lack. Which is he can go down the dress-up rabbit hole without worrying he’ll never come back.

Neptune’s beguiling arms of union and illusion are very hard to resist. Addiction is easy. Without Moon in Aries, Adam might not have turned illusion into epiphany. Like all too many frustrated creative warriors, he might have preferred to just stay high.

“I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I
wanted to do, I had to make happen.

That was Adam’s illumination in the sands of Burning Man. And a quintessential Aries moment: It’s Me! I’m in Charge! What do I want from Me? How can I make it Be!

“I make it happen”. Aries insight. And after his Libran listening to others – the chorus boys backstage saying “You gotta do Idol” – he did.

And on AI, after Leo, Neptune, Pisces, Scorpio, Aries, Pluto and Mars finished blowing us away with blinding talent, it was that sweet Libra Rising smile that beguiled the nation. That polite, courtly, charming, kind, handsome gentleman who never hogged, assumed, or failed to thank the band.

Both ends and the middle of the Aries-Libra spectrum. Never just one. Never too much of one without the other. Dazzling mastery in action.

Mars & Venus Working For Us All

Life in Lambertaria lets us dress-up – sometimes just with anonymity – and perform for and with others.

And experiencing Adam’s excitement in expressing his unbridled True Self has helped many people realize they can no longer hold back rich, deep parts of their True Self (Aries) because of too much worry about the opinion of others (Libra).

Hearing people say “I am going to be Me” or “I’m gonna write poems/draw/dance/dress-up/run/design/play ukelele/whatever and I don’t care if anyone ever sees it, I’m doing this for me!!” is getting to experience Aries in action.

Every time someone leaps into Authenticity and says: “I’m doing it!” – like Q3’s gorgeous July 25th DP (at Planet Fierce) post about GNT inspired art and fervor for painting – we can applaud.

Adam’s own Aries insight launched him to audition for Idol. But we must always remember how much Libra helped him rise.

Online, a place where we can freely be ourselves, the spirit, liveliness, and directness of Aries posting are as appealing as those delights are in Adam. But those of us with an active penchant for “Not giving a shit” online might want to recognize that Adam never, ever, ever unleashes his power without charm.

And remember unchecked Aries is a thin-skinned 12-year-old playing video games. Alone.

Unbalanced Aries flames and fan wars. Can be cruel because it feels powerful. Barks “I’m right, you’re wrong” repeatedly. And slashes out orders for the one and only right way to be a Real Fan.

Unchecked Aries can get so intoxicated with the idea of being first and new no matter the consequences – it will copy, paste, and post/twit even the most baseless or incendiary rumor immediately. And hijack discussion for everyone.

So those of us feeling our online Aries, might consider taking a breath before hitting send and ask: “What would Libra Rising do? How will this prosper Community?”

It could open up whole new worlds of fun.

Be Kind To Yourself First

Conversely, if you know you’re entranced by Adam’s wild and out there nature, his love of exciting creative expression and know that it’s all there inside of you as well, alive, aching to get out, why not try a little “I gotta be me!”.

Start with five minutes a day of doing something you like/have always wanted to try/been meaning to get back to doing.

You do not have to be so-called “Good at it”. Though no doubt many of you are beyond good with the potential for amazing excellence.

There are dozens of ways to let Libra’s dislike of conflict, and putting other’s welfare first, smother Aries call to feel your fire. This can include getting trapped into turning your essence into saleable product to please others.

Listen to Aries: Your fire is first just for Yourself. You don’t have to sell it. You don’t have to do anything with it. You simply have to enjoy it.

Aries doesn’t care what others think. It simply has to Be. Aries does new things just to experience them. Starts new things because they need starting. Worry not about “Why” or where the action is going.


Just create. (Unless you want to start a business, different thing. Then start planning and go for it.)

And recognize Creativity is not just a tangible thing.

Like Authenticity, it’s a spirit.

And more than anything it’s a commitment.

Commitment to truth. Commitment to learning as much about yourself as you can. And not abridging your own power to the point that it harms you. Harming yourself is not being kind to others. It’s harming the world.

Aries can help you honor your own “I am here, this is good!” shout of Essential Wild Child Identity.

Try a little glitter. Smile wider. Spread the Free. Applaud uniqueness. Dance loud. Forget your mask. Change the world.

If everyone on Earth was enjoying their Authenticity – while being keenly aware of others – imagine what an excellent world this would be.

Pretty good advice for a happy life: Be You. Be Kind. Aries & Libra. Can’t have one without the other. And without them both, we wouldn’t have Adam. Or this fine Community of each other.

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