Be Your Own Shaman: Welcome to Chiron

If you do not know about Chiron, or have not arrived on this page from the essential Classroom Lesson explaining Chiron’s significance, please click here.

Everyone else – or those who just like leaping ahead – this page can help you begin to understand your own personal Chiron.

You will be reading two blurbs below. One for the Sign in which your Chiron appears. The other for the House where your Chiron is located. (Though, for a few of you, that will be the same, and you’ll read only one blurb.)

Chiron’s symbol on your Astro Chart looks like a kind of upside down key. Not inappropriate, since Chiron can be a key to knowing inner freedom and wholeness.

The Sign of your Chiron – and its exact degree in that Sign – will be next to the Chiron symbol on your full chart. If you need a free natal chart click here.

If you need to decipher any Astro symbols on your whole chart, and do not have the handy Creative AstroSchool Natural Zodiac chart, click to download: Natural Zodiac-FHS.

Determine the House placement of your Chiron simply by counting. Start at 1 where your ascendant is, as shown here, and count each pie wedge in a counter-clockwise fashion. This chart shows an 8th House Chiron.

You can scroll ahead to read the Chiron interpertation blurbs now. Or, you can read a little more about healing.

Because Chiron represents strengths you have that were wounded. Some of us deeply. Some of us not as much. But for all of us, healing the wounds, frees the strengths.

Healing True

Chiron wounding is about lies perpetrated upon and around you. Leaving you unable to totally understand your own Truth in certain areas.

As a child, if you hadn’t experienced the wounding, you would have slowly learned the use of your innate abilities. But now you may only be left with some kind of drama.
And repetitive emotional swirls.

Old pathways keep igniting. You feel the old grasp, and no matter what you do you can’t change that.

Give yourself some learning space.

When you don’t know what to do, use what you do know: You don’t want this situation. You don’t want to hurt. You don’t know nothing except these old feelings are no longer acceptable.

That’s when you stop, stand your ground, talk straight to the old emotions, perpetrators, situations and pathways and let loose:

    “I don’t believe you!”

Say it over and over. As loud as you need. Written, drawn, illustrated, anyway you choose. It’s a Truth. It will help you understand other Truth’s.

It’s a start.

“I don’t believe you” says: I know there is something else. It makes an opening. It turns the wound into an exit plan.

Even if you are clueless what the something else may be, you are making a choice. You’re changing everything. You’re choosing to learn about new, different, and True.

You are making a clean zone to give yourself a chance to learn what you do believe. Slowly. Through practice. And, yes, those learning experiences sometimes mistakenly called mistakes. You are taking step one in creating new pathways.

But until you know what Truth is, start with what you know: “I don’t believe you.”

Whole How?

And for those wondering how Chiron integrates with their Moon’s Nodes, since those, too, are about wholeness, two preliminary answers:

1) However brings the most meaning to your journey.
2) We’ll be getting to synthesis and interactions in Chart reading soon.

For now, start with reading about your own Chiron. And then – because ultimately your opinion matters most – consider how Chiron and your Nodes might affect, augment, and interact with each other.

We Are All Not The Same

Individualism Alert: These interpretations are the undistilled version of particular Chiron placements. As learned in Chiron Class, we all feel things differently. We all have different degrees of resiliency. We all have an entire complex, interconnected Astrology Chart.

Just like the erroneous use of Sun Sign to explain a person’s total personality, your Chiron placement may or may not be as deep as this blurb goes.

So deciding how much Chiron has affected your life is a good self-guided lesson in both Astro Interpretation and Inner Growth.

It’s All in There Somewhere

You may be reading a blurb that feels so much like a situation in your life, yet it’s not your Chiron placement.


We all have every energy in our charts. We all have all 12 houses. Aries is all about Identity and Fire of True Self no matter what. And you may have a challenging Aries-Libra Spectrum situation in your chart.

In which case, reading about the Chironic wounding to identity and relationships is going to bring knowledge to you about that. Chiron is the healer. It heals the wounds wherever they may be.

So reading all the blurbs is another way to learn more about Astrology and your chart. And practice inner communication and self-recognition.

But most likely, you just want to start with your own Chiron in your own chart.

And remember to read two sections. One for House, one for Sign.

    Chiron in the 12 Signs & Houses:

Chiron in Aries or the First House

Who are you?

That’s the basic question this Chiron placement can make oh, so hard to answer. As it cuts off our Mars-fired abiilty to recognize our True Self.

Ironically, other people may find us seemingly forceful personalities, but we can’t feel it. We can’t feel anything clearly when it comes to Self.

We might have gotta wounded on a physical as well as emotional level. Or been the victim of irrational anger in our early experiences. We might now want to avoid conflict – and any scary expression of anger – at any cost. Including never sticking up for ourselves.

The basic work of Identity is difficult. Especially after you’ve gotten far into adulthood using whatever baling wire and chewing gum semblance of “This is Me” you could concoct or fake. So it can feel scary to attempt to change anything.

Especially if Fake You has been a big success with others.

Yet, the plaguing, depressive emptiness of not really being yourself, and not even knowing exactly how feeling that feels, cannot be ignored. If you don’t find a practice or environment that supports your long exploration and the necessary step-by-step healing and building of True You, your body will make sure you do.

And choose illness as a way to make you stop faking it.

Start small. Even if it’s deciding on what your favorite color is. Make lists of what you know you feel, to the core. Even if those things are negative, that’s a reality. Sometimes we can only say: “I don’t want to hurt this way”. And not know how to change things.

You especially can benefit from using your Mars. And yell back. Not lash back. Not contribute in any way to any kind of cruelty. Just stand up for yourself. Every time an old feeling and old lie appears to tell you what’s wrong with you and how life has to be yell back: “I don’t believe you!” It’s a start.

Build on what you know. That’s how the brain works. Building by practice.

Commitment counts. Because someone being committed to you is part of what you’re missing. The more you commit to sticking with yourself, and living your Truth, the more you’ll actually experience feeling what that is.


Chiron in Taurus or the Second House

You love beautiful things. And feel-good, material comforts. But for some reason you can’t hold on to them, and just can’t seem to have enough.

Or you sabotage yourself the other way and hoard. You can’t let anything go.

Chiron in Taurus or the Second House is an Earthly wound. It’s a wounding of values. You must learn what you, personally, truly value. Especially about being incarnated in a body with five senses, on Earth. And it can’t just be about “more” to make up for or prevent having “less”.

You have to decide, way down inside, what are your set of moral, physical, spiritual, material, philosophical, and political Values.

And false gods can abound. The “if only” gods, of “if only” I had enough something. Money, bigger house, faster car. Stuff. Food stuffed inside.

Someone or some experience corrupted your values. You may be supporting a physical situation that you know you don’t really believe in, yet you feel you have to keep on doing it.

The Second House describes our personal selections of how we want our immediate physical environment to be. From body to sofa upholstery. Things. Physical tactile things. And the body’s experience of enjoying them. It’s one of Venus’s houses. And her most Earthly one. Taurus likes pretty things.

So amassing them, or not having them, or over-estimating their worth, is how the Chironic wound can appear.

When we we can’t quite select for ourselves alone, what we value, we get ensnared in physical conditions that do not suit or nurture us.

Start with basics. What places and conditions feel as good to you as a baby in its sweet, clean, soft crib. And then add in only what feels good. More is not more. Specifically more, what’s your personal true need for more is what you have to practice feeling.

Taurus can be stubborn. Self-sabotage can include refusing to believe anything physical can ever change. Reality: Everything is always changing all the time. But you can physically stand in the way of progress.

Practice recognizing what your body feels. There is no right or wrong. There is just learning to recognize your own true values for yourself.


Chiron in Gemini or the Third House

You can’t say it right. You think it. But the words trip in the mix. Even though you love information. And admire words and their power. But something is blocking your hearing or learning or seeing or finding what you need to know. Or conveying it to others in ways that people consistently understand.

You yourself may feel misread or misunderstood. Your actually excellent command of words somehow won’t complete its promise.

Or just the opposite, you’re silver-tongued. And lie like a rug. You’re a charming trickster. Or you got harmed by one.

Your near-by environments, even as close as your siblings, may not be nurturing. You may never have felt comfortable with the daily exchange of connections and information Your neighborhood may not suit you. Or impacted you badly.

Yet, deep inside, you’re aware. You’re bright and quick, but you may hesitate to speak. You could be quite funny, but no one ever notices.

Your access to communications and information was thwarted at some point. Something got left out. Or miswired. “No, no, you can’t say that” is something you have heard.

You value words. But they’ve been taken from you. To some degree or another communication isn’t working how you wish it would. Know it could. Time to change.

Gemini and the Third House are ruled by Mercury. Messenger of the Gods, the only Olympian allowed to travel to the Underworld and return with news.
Keep a Journal. Even if you have to physically force yourself to write just three words a day. Start with “I feel ____”. Or “I’m grateful for_____” Anything.

The more you write – or find some literal way to communicate with yourself – the stronger and surer you will feel. Own your words. Be conscious of every one you speak. And don’t spread lies.

Choose integrity and clarity in your interactions. Speak only truths. Take responsibility for what you say. And the impact of your words.

Especially in public arenas. Tweet only positive truths. Do not use scandal and gossip for attention. That’s borrowing trouble. That’s denying that your own ideas and originality have worth.

Support yourself verbally. Literally. Never allow yourself to repeat verbal detractions about any aspect of your physical appearance or personality.

If you want to change something about yourself, talk to yourself about it. Literally. Write it down, record a video on your – locked and accessible by no one else – computer. Somehow, consistently transmit to yourself – and the Universe – what you would like to be your immediate surroundings and what you would like to know.

You have power to affect communications and the conveyance of information. Especially light-hearted knowledge.

Be careful what you wish for. You are a powerful communicator hiding in there. The Universe responds to desire. If you talk the talk, you may find yourself walking the walk. Make sure it’s a path of Truth.


Chiron in Cancer or the Fourth House

How does it feel?

That’s all that really matters to you. And how it has felt at times is not good. Especially at home.

Both literal and emotional.

Your childhood could have been fraught. Your parents – or lack there of – crippled on some level. Mommying & Daddying may not have been consistently present in in a way that had good, personal meaning for you and only you.

The Fourth House governs our innermost feelings. So way down inside it could have been ransacked for you. And while you are constantly worried about emotional security, you don’t actually have any idea how to create it, specifically, for yourself.

Though you could be wonderful at creating home and nurture for others.

Treat yourself like a stranger visiting your home and adhere to the inviolate law of hospitality: Whatever the guest wants.

Mother and Father yourself first. Just like on an airplane, where that counterintuitive thing is reminded about oxygen masks, that you have to put on your own mask first before your kid’s. If you don’t secure yourself first, everyone’s gonna die.

And every time you abandon yourself emotionally you are saying that’s the way you want the world to be: You abandoned.

At the same time, do not think that everyone is going to abandon you. It may have happened way too many times. And that may have left you with no idea how to take care of yourself, but that doesn’t remove your responsibility to learn how.

In fact it increases it.

Change only comes in increments. You’re going to have to practice nurturing. Like a child with a baby doll. That basic.

Your home is important. And if yours has been removed or invaded or destroyed or always seems just out of grasp, then just make whatever dwelling space you have now the best it can be. For now. Practice home-making. Whatever it is. Room or a mansion, work on making it a space that nurtures and supports you. Not just others.

Clear out any things – or people – that drain you. Stop trying to take in strays and fix the walking wounded. You can’t fix anyone. Most especially if you can’t take care of yourself.

Emotional turmoil is not nurturing. The prime rule of therapy in emotionally traumatic healing is Safety First. You need safety. You may not have gotten enough. But you are well aware what feels like jeopardy.

Don’t repeat jeopardy with the idea this time it will be different. It won’t.

You must make tiny changes, and build to big ones. And each choice needs to enhance your safety and security. If some choice or action puts someone else’s welfare irst and will jeopardize you, don’t do it.

Keep your own home and heart safe. Build only on a secure foundation. Go as slow as you need. Just don’t add anything to your “home” – of all kinds – unless you are completely sure it’s trustworthy, is the Truth, and will serve you well.


Chiron in Leo or the Fifth House

Oh, roaring Creative One, listen no longer to those who did not applaud.

Or hated seeing your light shine. Or never saw you at all. Or resented your charm and innate power to attract attention.

Listen to critics no more. Being a rare individual is a wonderful gift.

But it requires integrity in all your actions. And a reverence for the creative nature of the Universe.

When you may have suffered neglect of your talents. And dismissal of your abilities.

Use these talents no more to recreate past dramas.

But you must create. Literally. Invent. Perform. Be larger. Make something.

Even if you only draw one picture, or write one word, or tap one step-touch, or play one note, or sew one costume sleeve, or think one new thought every week, then commit to that. Quantity doesn’t count. Commitment does.

Commit to five minutes a day of pure play time. Pure. For no other purpose than the act of creation itself.

This is NOT building a schedule to complete that Bestseller. This is not about schemes to big success.

This is about valuing Life for Life’s sake. Creation for the sheer joy of creating. Participating in the bounty of bringing your unceasing ability to think of new things and make them tangible.

Because your essential creative Self was not encouraged. Your fire was doused.

But know it can never, not ever, be put out completely. It may be physical creation or mental inspiration, but somehow you have, within you, the ability to make something out of nothing. You can connect ideas and make something appear.

On the other hand, do not mistake “someday I’ll be a star” yearning for proper use of your abilities. If someone corrupted your talents by making you think taking big risks and going for the “someday big one” is how to use your charms and inventive skills, take those back.

Leo and the Fifth House also rule Romance. Sometimes we think “Love” is the only answer when our early wiring confused love with drama.

Love is nurturing. Binding you into someone else’s whirlwind for their emotional satisfaction is not love. And neither is doing that to someone else.

Integrity is required in all of your actions. Are you being true to yourself? True to others? No theatrics with others. No accepting drama instead of truth from others. Integrity and honest heart in all actions.

If you are somehow holding back, and your connection to your creative expression feels lost, and you don’t even know how to begin, just start small.
Try fun things. Take a class. Join a group. If you don’t like it. Try something else.

If you get scared, that may be a signal you’ve struck a rich creative vein.

You do not ever have to show your creative endeavors to anyone. You do not have to ever be judged by an audience or critic.

And you never, ever, ever, have to let your fine human hunger for recognition and applause lead you into performances that harm your integrity. Ever again.

The Fifth House is also about children. If you have too many or not enough children (of any age) recognize that only real children need parenting. And that you, sweet child, maybe never had a childhood of your own.

The world is filled with children who need love. If you need more children, go connect with some. Even if its creatively supporting charity work with children overseas. (Or say, Donors Choose, for artsy causes.)

If the “child” who needs love the most right now is you – as in the firey, creative one you were – then begin a deep and important healing relationship with that sweet one. Literally. Fun outings, finger painting, whatever that kid needs. Commit.

Commitment to creativity is the key to your wholeness. The results are not important. The commitment is.

But other than your inner self, be the adult only to real children. Adults who want you to be responsible while they play are not going to help your life. You’re the artist, too. That must be recognized. Start with applauding yourself.


Chiron in Virgo or the Sixth House

Welcome to the advanced course in Healing the Planet.

Healing Virgo is a Sacred Mission. And anyone with any prominent Virgo – or Sixth House – placements is on that mission. Most especially if that placement involves Chiron.

Because Chiron in Virgo or the Sixth House may mean you either are – or were wounded by – a walking, talking embodiment of Cartoon Virgo. That is the nit-picking, hyper-critical, pursed-lip busy body, who never misses an opportunity to point-out a problem. No flaw too small to overlook. No mole-hill that can’t be mountained.

This is not true Virgo. This is not True You. It may have been a prominent figure in your childhood.

Because Virgo is The Goddess, all aspects of what would constitute Feminine Service have a long history of collective misjudgment splashed with, well, mysogyny. We’ve mentioned the Virgo Situation before. It is essential to repeat here.

Virgo is about discernment and attention to detail.

Virgin means “woman onto herself”. Sex life has nothing to do with. Independence does. Independence in women – especially talented, discerning women – has not been globally welcomed throughout time.

Women – for centuries – who might have an ability to discern where improvement to any system or structure could be made were not usually encouraged to make this contribution.

Indeed, knowledgeable women with highly detailed knowledge of how to use sharp-eyed discernment in matters of health – a Virgo focus – by using natural remedies such as those potent ones from another Virgo concern the Earth – like herbs – were, in fact, burnt for these abilities. Along with their knowledge. And their small animals (cats in particular) another area of Virgo care.

The sheer frustration of collective dismissal could only add to the collective promotion of Virgo as a critical, unfeeling shrew.

This is not Virgo. This is the misguided ancient patriarchy in action.

Virgo, at her essence, is not cruel. She is just the opposite. She is here to serve. She loves Earth. She loves its animals especially. She celebrates health, healing and working hard.

She loves the 3-D. And she is ruled by Mercury who wants us all to communicate.

Notice Virgo’s dominion covers a whole lotta things that get beat-up by the misguided patriarchy: Earth, health, animals.

An independent, self-sufficient person that discerns and supports her own health so clearly that she needs no help from others can give from the bounty of herself to help those things she values. That is Service. Virgo is all about Service. But Service not conducted from strength of wholeness can warp into criticizing others.

So if you have been wounded in a Virgo way, especially if you are female, you were possibly raised by an over-critical harpie. And/or you are one. Or are involved with one. And this is betraying both your own abilities, and the abilities of Virgo.

Virgo, because she is so grounded, and so clear-eyed, can perceive the most mystical insights into the hippiest trip of all. By learning to pinpoint the exact ways each of us, the Earth, and the four-leggeds upon Her, may both join together, yet also stand fully ourselves within our selves. Learning and sharing that happiness will be serving yourself, and the whole planet.

Chiron in the Sixth House or Virgo means you are here to help redeem Virgo. And yourself.

Start with the body. Pay attention to your health. But if health challenges are consuming you entire existence, then it’s your job to start practicing mental freedom.

Chronic illness can, understandably, create “if only” existence. “If only” I was better, then I could start living.

Start living now. Be “better” five minutes a day. By forgetting about the health situation and concentrating on freedom. You know how to pinpoint an energy. Focus on the energy of “open”. Just for five minutes. If tears of “but I’m not healthy” appear, bless them, and get back to smiling. To understanding you don’t have to understand why you got this body, but you do need to love it, and let it know you’re gonna take care of it.

Your body may be as wounded as half the Earth is now, but you’re going to honor its ecology. Not ask it to try to artificially produce more than it can. But not condemn it. Not concentrate on how it fails you but celebrate how it lets you do so much: Think, feel, interact in some way with others even if it is limited, read, listen to music, watch TV, go on the internet, invent new ideas – the list may be shockingly long.

If eating disorders are how you’ve been channeling your powers of discernment, please believe it can change. Many people attack their own strongest abilities. And get lost in the voices that scream and accuse. Remember, “I don’t believe you.” Even when you don’t believe that. Say it anyway.

And get help. Real help. No eating disorder can even be healed alone.

Animals are you friend. Helping animals, letting animals help you.

Listening to the Earth can heal you. Helping heal the Earth can heal you. Studying healing modalities will heal you, too.

This is Mercury’s home. Mercury could plummet into the deepest realms and bring news to the highest. So can you. You have the ability To Know. Listen well, follow the energy of “True” and you can become not just whole. But a powerful teacher of us all.


Chiron in Libra or the Seventh House

This is wounding by and through Important Others. Because the Seventh House is the House of Relationships. All important Relationships.

Relationships have not gone well. Even though – and often because – they are the most important thing in the world to you.

Your hunger for others can make it impossible for anyone to get close. The demand to “be everything” is just too big a job to fill. So even a first date seems daunting.

Or someone else may have made these demands early and often on you.

Or you have something about you, that you might not even be aware of, that isn’t even an important part of who you are, that you lead with in relationships and it simply drives people away. Needing to be right all the time, for example. Or the other extreme, too passive, a virtual doormat.

There are so many ways to be unskilled at Relationships. Especially when it’s the one thing we want the most.

But the essential learning about how to create and maintain all good relationships of all kinds is found in the symbol of Libra itself: Scales in Balance. Two sides, both siders equal. Attached and separate at the same time.

Equal Partnership is at the core of all good Relationships.

And if your wounding has you demanding your potential partner be “everything”, and you’re going to supply nothing unique or essential because what you’re going to do is be “whatever they want” there is no possibility of balance.

Successful Relationships cannot happen until you are secure in your own identity.
And you become aware that the only kind of “Others” you want in your life are those that LOVE who you truly are. And if they don’t, their loss.

Abridging yourself to fit others’ opinions is telling lies. No Relationship will stand if it’s based on lies.

Loneliness sucks. This Chironic placement pretty much guarantees some experiences of loneliness. But loneliness will never end by lies. Or meeting others demands just so “they won’t go away.”

Having someone close who neither sees nor loves the real you is not a Relationship. That is harming yourself. Letting someone treat you badly is perpetuating a bad, cruel, misshapen kind of world. It’s harming everyone, just not you. And robbing the rest of us of a chance to see and enjoy who you really are.

Your practice: Truth. No pretending.

And practicing Honor. Honor yourself. Honoring what others have to add to the world is a fine trait, but not honoring your own contributions is telling a lie.

Balance is a different thing than avoiding conflict. Balance is not doormatting. Balance is only achieved by honoring yourself. Balance requires two equal sides. Your practice is taking responsibility for your side. Your innate love of beauty will lead you if you listen. Honor yourself. Honor us by learning as much about yourself as you can. And then sharing your gifts in balance to the sharing being returned to you.


Chiron in Scorpio or the Eighth House

Scorpio knows you can handle the Truth. That, in fact, Truth is required.

And if complete destruction is required to create the conditions for re-birth, no problem. Crash, whatever is in the way of handling real power, or understanding essential truths will be gone. Utterly, even traumatically, gone.

Everyone with any kind of prominent Scorpio/8th House placements – and especially with Chiron involved – must understand that the point of things falling apart is Re-Birth.

It is even possible there were difficulties surrounding your actual birth. But for sure, things will fall apart until you recognize that you have a great deal of power. And anything that was blocking your learning how to handle your power in true ways is going to crash and burn until you commit to the long, hard, and astonishingly rewarding work of learning, step by step, to teach yourself how to live deep and true. Hint: your astonishing skills of deep focus will help.

Others were involved in your wounding. Others will be involved in your healing. The Eighth House is the house of “Other People’s Money”. Money, like sex, is an Eighth House concern on an emotional and energetic level, not for the thing itself. The essence, the power, the energy is what matters.

Your intensity, your connection to Universal Mysteries, and ability to spot malarky may be something you had to learn to hide from others at an early age. Not everyone can handle the Truth.

Your are quite likely to be psychic. And know how to penetrate to the energetic core of complex situations. You are just as likely to have not been encouraged in using these abilities. Or wounded by someone else’s misuse of them.

You have an enormous ability to ask “Why?”. Coupled with an innate gift for knowing “Why” energy connects to energy. Healing is prospered by first admiring that gift in yourself, and then start using it productively by asking the right people how to best change your life. If you see – or read about – people who have transformed their own lives, ask how they did it.

Ask the right others, and your transformation will unfold. As long as you remain committed to Truth. Otherwise a whole lotta lies gonna pile up again for another lesson: BAM! Collapse. Another false use of power destroyed.

Sexual trauma cannot be ruled out with this placement. Or inappropriate physical behavior, which can include strict ideas from other people about “Being Good.”

You hide. The safest and easiest place to create the emotional security you need is alone. Yet interaction with others – and finding the right others – is part of your needs, and thus your lifetime learning.

You are intense. No matter how much you may try not to be, or mask your deep abilities, no matter how many people have ignorantly told you to “lighten up” or “not take things so seriously”, you got the power. This is a rich gift. It means you can experience things fully. You can find the pulse of living energy in the smallest things.

And you can smile. Though you will be highly selective, and rightly so, with whom you share that. (Except when you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.)

Recognize that The Universe’s collapsing everything around you because these situations are simply not required, or misleading, or standing in the way of what does matter. And remember that this collapsing cannot be done well without the Universe clearly valuing two things: A high admiration for Irony. And a big sense of humor.

Nothing matters but the Truth. You’re going to learn that no matter what. Might as well smile and start using your energetic knowledge to start the process now.


Chiron in Sagittarius or the Ninth House

Small, narrow, rigid dogma may have afflicted you. It may have been part of your upbringing. It may be something you have perpetrated on others.

Someone may have wanted your fire and ability to see higher purpose and the bigger picture to be channelled into harmful zealotry.

You may be chained to your books. Or you may have had trouble finishing school. You may have difficulty focusing on just one thing. You may have partied too hard.

You may not be able to settle down. You may lead a kind of military brat, on the road existence. Either physically or emotionally. Or conversely, always wanted to roam far and wide and been thwarted in actualizing those dreams.

You may want to live surrounded by nature and be stuck in a city.

You may not listen well. Being so sure you are right. And know everything. And want to do all the talking, all the time.

Or you may be afraid to speak your mind, because you were so punished for challenging higher authority.

The Ninth House is where we come to terms with our animal and mental sides. Sagittarius can party hard and hold forth on any subject. It can also become Torquemada. Nuns and bikers can both have prominent Sagittarian placements.

And with Chiron here, you can either have been that person or had them harm you.

Harmful, constricting influences can include anything entrenched and established: clergy, professors, lawyers, prisons, and military officers.

Your healing mantra: Remain Open. Resist rigidity. Use Sagittarius’ firey philosophical power, ability to synthesize, skills at recognizing the patterns of the big picture, and love of justice to realize every situation can be reframed. Or at least seen from the other side.

If you feel stuck, or fearful, say to yourself: Open, open, open, open. How can I see this another way? Am I perceiving the truth about a situation, or am I reacting with an old instinct that may not fit what’s going on now. Consider the broadest possibilities. Write them down.

Make your own blog to yourself if needed to read what’s important to you. The Ninth House is the house of publishing. You may have had to hide your words and ideas in secret. Not anymore.

At least do a lot of reading if you need to know an answer. Or just consider another POV.

Also recognize you may be able to help others spread their message. Resent not their eloquence. Help bring freedom to the world, learn from those able to speak in a way to which others listen. And then step out and speak publicaly on your own, one day, if you so choose. Or enjoy the social pleasures of being an impressario.

Accept no dogma. Hide not in foreign lands – be those mental or geographical. Yet, do venture – mentally and physically – into wider realms. Recognize what you may have been taught is not the only way. It may in fact be not even true.

Sagittarius burns bright for justice. Recognize that living well may be the best revenge and you do not have to stay in pursuit of righting the old wrongs done to you. Being happy now is pure justice.

Whoever hurt you was wrong. Realize others who’ve been in the same situation know this quite well. But not everyone will understand. Doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be their punisher anymore. You can step into the wider world of good times. You are so much more than the narrow one they wanted you to be. You may have to search far to find it, but you can find the help you need.

Also, unless you have partied too hard in the past, consider having some fun now. Smile, find a way to talk, talk, talk with others who enjoy that. But be keenly aware whether they really are having fun. Make sure they are joining in, and getting their own chance to talk, and not just being polite and nodding because you won’t let a word in edgewise.

Because you have a keen mind, and if you edit, a wider audience will enjoy it.

Though if your wounding was to Sag’s innate gift of gab, speak up. Practice participating. Sagittarius is funny and wise. People enjoy their company. As long as they’re telling the truth ad being themselves.

Realize you have an optimistic and sunny nature somewhere inside you. And you may have been taught that was silly, evil, or at the very least unwanted. Rescue that sweet sunny smile and use it as often as possible.

And never go too long without communing with nature. Mountains, ocean, parks, wild life, and most especially trees. Talk to trees as often as you like. Look up, look all the way up, through their branches and how they interact with each other and the sky. And listen to what you hear.


Chiron in Capricorn or the Tenth House

Money, fame and fortune can buy alot of things. But like the man says, they, alone are not worth shit without some clear values.

And Chiron in the Tenth, Saturn’s home, brings pressure to succeed. Starting at the earliest possible age. And that back-breaking, goal oriented judgment can leave an empty, unguided mess of raging hunger.

It can equally lead to enormous material ammassment of stuff and stature that means so little, you’ll collapse. Go bankrupt. Get sick. The bottom will fall out of your house of cards.

Saturn creates structure and foundation. In order to lay slow, weight-bearing building blocks of your own self-chosen security, you have to be keenly aware of your own values. You need to know what you truly want to build a lasting monument to, what you truly desire to be perpetuated in this world. Not just what is the most approval getting opinion of the outer world.

The Tenth House is the most worldly, prominent, out-in-society point in the chart. Thus, it mixes with authority. And the restrictions and requirements of fame.

With this Chiron you could have a roadkill childhood involving status seeking, lying, deceptive parents. Or people who turned their child into yet another status making/performance measurement. Who were neglectful jet setters. Or failures who looked to their talented child to make like shine for them.

You could have never been good enough for your caretaker’s standards. Or just as easily been a child star mostly because they needed you to be.

As an adult, you may hunger, constantly, for that Big Something that will make you feel worthy.

Saturn likes status. Saturn likes quality. But pursuing fame just for the sake of fame is not Saturn’s goal. Hollow structures collapse. It has to have meaning. Make sure that meaning belongs to you.

Wanton, misguided use of resources can accompany this placement. Back-breaking outside judgment can also prevent you from knowing and using your own considerable inner resources.

The actual power for hard work is inside you. Your access to it may have hijacked by the constant need for instant fixes to the outside-imposed opinions that led to inside feelings of unworthiness. You might have retreated into “why bother I’ll never be good enough” mode.

You have to start small. Question each brick to its soundness before you lay it in place. Tell the voices “I don’t believe you” when they pressure you to make up for your unworthiness. Hold the tide. Make daily room for your own desires. Your biggest desires. But recognize it’s a brick-by-brick practice to contentment.

You may also be an arrogant, highly successful asshole. Be careful what you wish for. Old age in lonelyville is a tough place to start learning your true inner values and how to contribute to the world, not just strip-mine it. But if that’s where you find yourself, dig in. Especially if your garlands and ribbons and titles are gone. It’s hard work. But you’re good at that.

Learning true friends cannot be bought – and true hearts don’t even want to be – is a deep lesson. Keeping the in-crowd happy is a very expensive way to live. Find people who want to exalt a better world if necessary. Who applaud hard work, commitment to excellence, and hope to display the highest integrity to the widest audience.

Cruelty is not strength. This is a profound lesson. No matter which end of the victim/victimizer cudgel you’ve been on, learning to recognize true, constructive, right-oriented power is your goal.

Step-by-step, moment-by-moment, decision-by-decision, action-by-action, converting that unceasing desire for success to a new relentlessness for Truth. And laying foundation only to Authenticity.


Chiron in Aquarius or the Eleventh House

Ruthless pursuit of “A Better World” while neglecting your personal responsibilities to friends, family, and your own inner, creative individuality is not making the world a better place. It’s just ruthless.

Aquarius may represent the rebel with a cause working for Humanity, but it can also be the coldest spot in the Zodiac. Ice, ice baby. Because Aquarius ignores individuality. Dismisses it. Totality trumps one heart. Unless it’s about the Aquarian individual, then its essential.

Aquarian self-absorption could have ignored your own childhood needs.

Which means you may have had caretakers who were way more interested in politics, movements, groups, changing the world than they were in you. It can mean you do the same thing to your close ones, especially your children, or your opinion of your own inner creative playful self.

The Eleventh House rules group activities. You could feel like a pioneer without a tribe. Lost in a vision of utopia. That you can’t figure out how to create. Or get swayed into joining a movement that exploits you.

Your friends may betray you. You may betray your friends.

One asset of this placement is understanding that groups are important. Getting help by joining worthy groups can help you. But you may not have the keenest ability to perceive which groups are truth seeking and which groups just like electricity and notoriety hunting. Burn, baby, burn should not refer to your everyday reality.

Computers can be your friend. Addiction to them, however, is not.

Also good news is: if you don’t know it already, you can, with less practice than many, learn that change is good.

Change may have felt more like lightening striking in the past. Or you may have been prevented from being the rampart-scaling leader of change you are inside. But you can, once you learn to hear your own individual voice, understand that real change comes to the world only one way: One heart at a time.

Just like real change in your own heart and life only come by deep practice and hard, one-step-at-a-time work.

Though support from a group of like-minded others helps. And making sure the world is aware of true, powerful, honest groups who can help the entire planet is an experience that will help you imprint ways to support your own personal changes.


Chiron in Neptune or the 12th House

Drugs are not the answer. Sex is not a union unless unceasing truth and profound, personal, individual respect is involved. Music matters, but not as an avenue to non-existence. Rock ‘n Roll may never die, but neglecting and abusing your body will guarantee you will. Especially if you are fooled into believing you are dancing with a God.

And denial is a river that flows no where. Except having to paddle all the way upstream again to figure out why you set off on this voyage to dreamland in the first place. Again.

Pisces is the fish that wants us all to swim as one, feeling nothing but the complete union of existence and the Great Water Diety. We are all one. We all never want to be anything else. Except maybe listening to better music, with better mushrooms, while we dance.

It feels good in the 12th House. So good we may never want to leave. Like to have to exist as an independent human unit.

This may be you. This may be the reality-abandoning mindset of your childhood caretakers. Neptune and the 12th House is where all the energies of the Zodiac and our humanity flow into the deep waters. Individual drops don’t matter. Union does.

Spiritual matters of all kinds live here. Including the ability to feel whatever you call God. And sometimes mistake very flawed human beings for being Gods. Or get so lost in zealous trances you forget to do anything earthly. Like eat. Or breathe.

Or you may have had caretakers who smiled at your spirit but forgot you actually were alive. Or needed some physical help in staying that way.

They may have treated your body badly. They may have left you with no guidance or good examples at all. Except some kind of fairy tale. And this abuse may have left you unable to feel any connection to any kind of Spirit at all. Or the opposite: unable to value any kind of human body, day-to-day life at all. You’re on fire for the divine, and have forgotten that the body is a temple.

This is the home of illusion. And its modern conveyors on film. And Rock ‘n Roll.

Chiron placements here mean you can get not only get fooled, you want to live in the rapture. Or conversely, your keen psychic and spiritual abilities either get corrupted or walled away.

Understanding that perception is reality is a key to your harnessing the beauty of daily existence. And that you, and only you, set the rules for that perception’s beliefs.

You can choose how you frame life on the 3-D. Hint: abandoning responsibility is not possible. So practice the small, physical tasks you can do, and develop your prowess at enjoying incarnation.

Turn on, drop out is a good song lyric. It is not a good maxim for survival.

Neglect not your body. Remind yourself how much you value it by moving your feet. Pisces rules the feet and yours may have been wounded.

If you can walk, do so daily. If you can dance, do so as often as you can. On the flip side, never fail to bring yourself back from the trance.

Enjoy costumes. The spectacle of wardrobe and fashion and display and enchantment is a pleasure.

But be careful of mistaking “freedom” as just another word for never taking any responsibility. Putting on the Grown Man or Woman wardrobe and earning a living is a pleasure. Because it honors incarnation. It honors the body. It honors being human. It does not, at all, have to abandon Spirit. Quite the opposite, it gives Spirit its best ability to soar.

Pisces can often understand the emotional power of money. And the emotional security it brings. With this Chiron placement you can be both too involved with that. Or not concerned enough. Or had parents of either of those persuasions.

You must come to believe that simply dismissing the individual need for physical support – like food & shelter – is a big, fat lie.

Lies would have abounded with this placement. Tricks. Cons. Wizards revealed to be little men behind the curtains.

Yes, there is much Real Magic in the world. And you can practice it well. But make sure you don’t confuse Real Magic – which makes enduring, positive changes grounded in the 3-D – and chicanery. Or just getting and staying high.

And if you have to, spend five minutes a day honoring the privilege of having a body, having limits like skin, having the blessings of being a distinct, separate human being. With no one other exactly like you. Dress-up in that costume. The True You: Magic Body Honoring, Not Artificially High, Grown, Strong Human Being. And then dance.

Uplifting us all is an ability you have. Just be certain you are not in the shallow waters of deception. If valuing the Earth and being human is not part of your philosophy, then stop preaching that message. And work on showing up on time to all your agreed upon associations for just one week. Then expand it to just one more day. For every day to come.

This Chiron placement needs a bodily anchor as much as permission to soar, imagine, dream, and fly. Must have both.

Take care of your health. Understand that the body is required to even have a spirit. Make careful, precise choices.

And then inspire us all. But never more than clear-eyed integrity allows.